Sunday, July 19, 2020

Edgmont Twp. Mysteries

A picture of Gradyville Rd. from about 1920 during rush hour! lol This view was looking west I believe. Please note how flat the land is and how open.

Edgmont Twp. Mysteries

 Today you go down a long hill on Gradyville Rd. to cross Ridley Creek. Gradyville Rd. was moved sometime after this picture was taken. Does anyone know if the road was moved north or south and if any part of the old road is visible or the creek might have been moved. I'm trying to locate the approx. area where the covered bridge stood I'm working on sites of all Delco Covered Bridges and this is the only location I can't locate. Note the lack of trees, all the area was farm land at the time. Thanks for your help

The other mystery is the location of the first Edgmont Twp. School #3. Schools were numbered in the olden days. In her book, "Edgmont" the story of a township, by Jane Levis Carter states the school was built on land of George Bishop who sold the school board the land in 1843. She gives no location other than the second School #3 built in 1875 was built  "nearby to the east" of the first School #3. I'm looking for for a more definitive location. The second School #3 still stands in Ridley Creek State Park at 1000 Sycamore Mills Rd. and is now a private home. The deed for the first School #3 is no help. It states it is on the land of George Bishop on a "new road just opened". When the school district sold the school in 1928 they copied the 1843 to the letter not naming the "new road just opened". Maps are little help, none show the first 1843 school, even the 1911 Mueller Map which is very detailed show the small tract of land where the school stood. In 1936 the W.P.A. did a historic site survey of Edgmont Twp. They state the school stood on Valley Rd. about 300 feet south of Pennell Rd. approx. the 1400 block of Valley Rd. today. Was it? Not sure. The 1875 map of Egmont Twp. does show an unknown school on Valley Rd. in the area of the 1400 block today. The map just shows a school symbol and no name. ANYWAY looking for help in finding a location for the first School #3. I'm hoping someone out there has the answer
Keith Lockhart Delco historian

AND a fun picture All of you have been on this road, this is a picture from 1921. Lets hear some guesses!


  1. It’s funny that the school was mentioned, I’ve been trying to find answers to this for years. Where it’s pictured is right about where my parents driveway is today. The guy who lives in the house marked on the former “Eliz T. Yarnell” property, his parents have lived there since the 40s and he has no knowledge of a school being there. I also asked a man who’s family lived at Sleighton Farms since the early 1900s and he knows nothing of it. Couldn’t find anything at the historical society either, so I would love to find the answer to this someday

  2. I wonder if that is Crum Creek and this is Gradyville Road before the reservoir was built as that would be the largest flat area with a rise into the distance in that area

    1. It is Ridley Creek for sure. I have other pics

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