Thursday, August 28, 2014

History Month aka September is COMING! Delaware County will be 225 years old on September 26
Local historian Keith Lockhart has mined his vast array of historical photos. He offers another group of views of days gone
In Case you missed it more photos of mine are on the Delco times website!!


Ridley Creek State Park

Historic Haunts Saturday, September 6th 8 PM or 11 PM 

Join us for a tour with Delmarva Historic Haunts on September 6th!
 More details can be found here on the event page.

Adult Admission $5
Children, Dogs, & Parking Free
Live Music, Food, and Fun including
Quality Crafters • Antique Cars
Revolutionary War Reenactors
Colonial Demonstrators
Special Exhibits • Puppet Show
Tours of the Historic John Chads House


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paranormal Investigation of the Colonial Plantation Ok Delco Ghostbusters!!!!


Paranormal Investigation of the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Creek State Park

with Delmarva Historic Haunts

Saturday, September 6th

$25.00 per person (ages 12+)
8PM & 11PM - reservations required!
On the night of August 4th, 2012 the Delmarva Historic Haunts performed an investigation of the spirits of the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. This is the first time a paranormal investigation has been conducted on the 18th century farm buildings. They will share the results of this investigation on September 6, 2014. Come and join the investigators as they lead each group from building to building, describing their findings at each stop. They have declared the site as haunted, but decide for yourself. Click here for their Facebook page - you can see pictures and videos taken during the investigation.
This investigation is two-and-a-half hours in length, and appropriate for ages 12 and up. You will be in darkened rooms with low light levels, and walking on some uneven paths. Please bring a flashlight. The investigation is held rain or shine - please dress appropriately. All tickets are $25 and reservations are required. Please call our office at 610-566-1725 with any questions.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another great Saturday this week at the Colonial Plantation!!



Ridley Creek State Park

 Saturday, August 16th &
Sunday, August 17th
11 AM - 5 PM, last entry at 4 PM


Abigail's first attempt, in many years, at pulling the  dump cart was a success! 

  Enjoy house and farm tours, garden tours and all the animals including cow, horses, pigs, chicks, ducks, turkeys and lambs!  Our newest additions to the farm family are Sable, the 8 week old calf, and a horned Dorset ram.

Cow milking at 12:30 PM
Horse driving at 2 PM
Blacksmith Demonstrations (Sunday only)  Admission: $8 for adults and $6 for children & seniors  Children under 4 and members are free. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Battlefield Plans and a neat aerial view

Anybody recognize this? many changes since this was taken

August 26, 2014

Brandywine Battlefield Strategic
Landscapes Preservation Plans
Project Update Meeting: Non-Invasive
Archeology & Historic Landscape Study

Where: Brandywine Battlefield State Park
1491 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford
7:00-8:30 P.M.

The Delaware County Planning Department is hosting a meeting on the current progress of the Strategic Landscapes Preservation Plans for the Brandywine Battlefield.

Delaware County’s Strategic Preservation Plans will include an Archeological Design Analysis component conducted by John Milner Associates (JMA), a Cultural Resource Management firm.
The intention of the Archeology Design Analysis is research-based and will not require physical access to private land or ground disturbance. The project’s goal is to verify and build upon previous planning efforts. This meeting will provide an introduction to the Archeology Analysis while also allowing JMA to learn from landowners and local residents about the history of the land and any known archeological information

Phone: 610-891-4910






Sunday, August 3, 2014

Historic Timeline at Colonial Plantation and Bobby Rydell etc. Concert

The above building was once a post office in Upper Providence  TWP. I'm looking for a location
Thanks Keith

Ridley Creek State Park Colonial Plantation

Historic Timeline

August 9th

11:00pm -5:00 pm with last entry at 4:00 pm

Join the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation as you travel through over 300 years of American history. Come and meet our earliest settlers and then travel to the Civil War on up to the Second World War. The Plantation house will be open for tours and displays.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't Forget Plantation Concert tomorrow!! A "Native" Hero

                                                                      The other “Native”
Smedley D. Butler is one of only 19 men to be awarded the Medal of Honor twice. He was in five campaigns as a marine and was in the U. S. Marines service for 34 years and retired as a brigadier general. When he retired he bought a house in Newtown Square and lived there till he died in 1940 at age 59. When everyone talks about Delaware County heroes, Butler’s name is always at the top of the list and rightfully so. BUT, Butler was NOT a Delaware County native, he was born in West Chester in 1880.                                                                                                                                                      There are several Delaware County Medal of Honor winners born and raised here, but only one “native” who was nominated for the Medal of Honor twice, George W. Roosevelt.  Roosevelt was born in Chester in 1844, and was a third cousin of Theodore Roosevelt. His parents, Solomon and Elizabeth ran a small store in Chester. He enlisted in 1861 when he was just 17 years old. He served in the army and was first nominated for the Medal of Honor on August 30th 1862 at the battle of Bull Run and Roosevelt was nominated a second time at Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1863. He was severely wounded at Gettysburg and lost a leg and had to resign from the service. He became a U. S. Consul and served all over the world beginning in Sydney, Australia in 1877. While serving in Bordeaux, France in 1887 he received his Medal of Honor. There was no big celebration, it just arrived in a box. Many Civil War Medal of Honor medals were not given out till well after the war was over and Roosevelt’s was no exception. He continued to serve as a consular and became the counselor general of Brussels, Belgium and died there in April of 1907 at age 63. But he was a Delco “Native”!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Colonial Plantation Concert in Ridley Creek State Park

As a member of the Colonial Plantation PLEASE come out next week and enjoy a great outdoor concert!!
 Fun for the whole family!!