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Clifton Heights Methodist Church soon to be 150 years old Upcoming History Events in Delco

The Clifton Heights Methodist Church at 111 S. Springfield Rd. The picture is from about 1912. Notice the dirt road.

Note: In this day and age everything changes, Sadly, many old Delco churches are closing from poor attendance etc. Clifton Heights  Methodist will soon celebrate their 150 year anniversary. Congrats!!

 October 20, 1921 


 Clifton Heights Methodists Having a Golden Jubilee”

                The special services which are being conducted at the Clifton Methodist Church are being well attended and the sermons preached are of an inspiring type.

                Rev. B. F. Miller, pastor of the church, is incapacitated by a slight attack of rheumatism, but is busily engaged in welcoming the large numbers of persons that attend the services each night.  The occasion of these special services is the celebrating of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the church and this week is termed “Golden Jubilee Week”.  The sermon of Monday night was preached by Rev. T. Norton Tyler of Bristol.  He took as his theme “What Thou Lackest” and applied it in a manner that made it appropriate for the opening sermon of the week.  Tuesday night the sermon was preached by Rev. Lewis A. Bausman of Darby.  Mr. Bausman was formerly pastor of the Clifton Church and it was quite a treat for the members to be able to have him occupy the pulpit again.  The singing feature of the evening services was supplied by a girls’ chorus of twenty-five voices from Mr. Bausman’s church in Darby.

                Last night Mrs. Eaton of the Weman’s Home Missionary Society spoke and the program for the entire week has been so arranged that there will be a forceful speaker occupying the pulpit each evening.  Following is a history of the founding of the present house of worship.

                CHURCH HISTORY – The territory now forming the Clifton Heights parish was for many years included in the circuit composed of Mt. Zion Church, Darby; Kedron Church; Morton and Mt. Pleasant Church, near Garrettford.  Some of the pastors who served the circuit in those early days were Joseph

Gregg, Wm. Dalrymple, Abel Howard, W. W. McMichael and John Shields.  In March 1869, the Conference which met in Union Church on Fourth Street, Philadelphia, sent Wm. H. Fries to this charge.

                The parsonage was located in Morton.  On April 5th he unpacked his goods, and on April 9th the parsonage was burned to the ground.  On April 16th he moved to the Shillingford house on Springfield Avenue, north of Baltimore Avenue in Clifton Heights.

The first sermon preached by a Methodist minister in Clifton was delivered by Rev. Fries in a room above a blacksmith shop on Springfield Avenue above Baltimore Avenue on May 15, 1870.  The text was John 3:15.  The first Sunday school was organized April 13, 1876 and was held for some time in the upper room of the blacksmith shop.  In November 1876, Rev. Fries secured the following subscriptions toward the purchase of a lot on which to erect a church:

Joseph McCormick, $50.00; Dr. Green, $50.00; M. Dean, $30.00; Edw. Elvely, $30.00; J. Shillingford, $10.00; J. H. Wise, $10.00; Lou Gilmore, $10.00W. H. Fries, $10.00; J. B. Jones, $10.00; George Long, $10.00; Charles Smith, $10.00; Thomas A. Palmer, $5.00; John Donnell, $5.00.  On January 4, 1870, the trustees purchased the stone for the corner on which the church and parsonage now stand from David Kelly, upon which they paid the sum of $60.  This sum, we are told, was the entire price of the lot.  Mr. Kelly requiring only this small price because it was purchased for church purposes.  On this lot the present building was begun in the early summer of 1871, and the cornerstone laid on the 15th of August of that year.  The first story was completed and dedicated to the worship of God in the latter part of October 1872.  The church was built under the pastorate of Rev. Mahlon H. Slaty.  He met with much opposition because of the size and character of the building and the heavy debt.  Many people called it “Slaty’s Folly,” but time has proved the fact that he built wisely.  After fifty years they have a splendid building, commodious and substantial, accommodating a flourishing church and Sunday school.  In 1874 Mr. Slaty revised the church records.  Clifton church then had a membership of sixty-six.  Those of the number who are members of the church today are:  Joseph Congleton, Hannah Langry, John Lord, Isaac Lord, Ruth Ann Lord and Rebecca Lord.

Fifty years ago this was the largest church building in Delaware County.  In 1833 Rev. Nathaniel Turner, while pastor of the church, built the parsonage at a cost of $2,800.  That was a big advance step, and was occupied by the pastors without much change for a period of 18 years, or until the present year, when, as we know, improvements have been made to the parsonage and church, including furnishing, costing more than $4,000.  It was well built in the first place, which made the exte3nsive improvements possible.

                The pastors of the church during the fifty years from 1871-1921 numbered eighteen:  Mahlon H. Sisty, John Y. Ashton, Jacob P. Miller, William T. Magee, Matthias Barnbill, Nathaniel Turner, George A. Wolf, William B. Chalfant, David T. Sigythg, H. C. Bondwin, Jacob M. Hinson, Nathaniel Turner, John F. Hartipan, Samuel W. Purvis, Thomas A. Armour, J. W. Perkinpine, L. Frank Bausman, and B. F. Miller, the present pastor.

The Methodist Church of Clifton Heights will become, owing to the faithful work and devotion of the fathers and continued activity of their successors, one of the strongest suburban charges.  They are in fine condition today, and see ahead a period of greater prosperity than they have ever experienced.

The building of the parsonage in 1882 was made possible by the faithful work of Rev. Matthias Barnhill.

DCHPN Monthly


Medieval Days

Oct 09, 11:00 AM – Oct 10, 4:00 PM
Colonial PA Plantation, 3900 N Sandy Flash Dr, Newtown Square, PA 19073

Come see what life was really like during the Middle Ages in Europe. From the Romans to the age of Columbus, various encampments will portray aspects of Medieval Life. See how five hundred years of European culture thrived and changed. Reenactors need to pre-register. $6/10

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*Dark History: Murder, Madness, & Misadventure in Penn's Woods

Oct 09, 6:30 PM
Nitre Hall upper driveway stage, 1682 Karakung Dr, Havertown, PA 19083

Jennifer Green, Education Director of the Chesco History Center recounts the true tales from the mysterious history of Delaware and Chester Counties. Hear cases of witchcraft, necromancy, disease, and murder. Learn about the strange ways the early Pennsylvanians treated their dead- and their living!

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Grange Open House

Oct 10, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Grange Estate, 143 Myrtle Ave, Havertown, PA 19083

Come and join us for our Fall Open House with Free tours of the Mansion, $5 pumpkin painting and $10 scarecrow making (bring your own clothes!) and refreshments.

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To Build a More Perfect Union: Architecture & Democracy

Oct 12, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Carpenters' Hall, 320 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Join us during DesignPhiladelphia for a provocative exploration of these issues inside historic Carpenters’ Hall, a gem of classical Georgian architecture and a key site in the formation of American democracy. $5-10. Virtual option available for $5.

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Virtual Presentation: The Dark History of Delaware County: Unusual Deaths, Crimes & Hauntings in Penn's Woods

Oct 12, 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
Zoom- registration required

Join CCHC's Director of Education, Jenn Green to hear cases of witchcraft, necromancy, disease and murder, and learn about the strange and supernatural ways that early Pennsylvanians treated their dead—and their living.

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*Swedish For All Seasons with the American Swedish Historical Museum

Oct 13, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Tinicum Memorial Public Library, 620 Seneca St, Essington, PA 19029

Explore the country of Sweden, “land of the midnight sun.” Find out how the changing seasons affect Swedish life while looking at beautiful photographs, dressing up in traditional costumes and creating a Dala horse craft – an icon of Swedish culture. This hands-on program is great for kids.

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*Delaware County's Most Haunted

Oct 13, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Springfield Twp Library Meeting Room, 70 Powell Rd, Springfield, PA 19064

Local medium and author Laurie Hull will be sharing stories and history of the abnormal happenings in Delaware County. Whether you enjoy supernatural phenomena, history or a combination, this evening is for you.

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The Great Pumpkin Carve

Oct 14, 4:00 PM – Oct 16, 9:00 PM
Chadds Ford Historical Society, 1736 Creek Rd, Chadds Ford, PA 19317

Join us for a 3 day Chadds Ford tradition where over 70 giant pumpkins are carved by local artists on Thursday and will be lit and displayed on Friday & Saturday. All three nights enjoy a 'kid friendly' Haunted Trail, raffle prizes and live music from "Kenny & Friends". Food and drink available. $5-15

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RFC Lectures: Building the Imperial- Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan

Oct 14, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Online- registration required

In 1919, Frank Lloyd Wright invited Antonin and NoƩmi Raymond to join him in Japan to complete the design and construction of the Imperial Hotel. It was the most significant commission in Wright's career and introduced a particularly American version of Modern Architecture to Asia. $12

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*Talking the Delco Way: the story behind the accent

Oct 14, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Online- registration required

Join DCHS for a virtual event highlighting the story behind the celebrated Delco accent! Featuring Susanne Sulby, dialect coach for Mare of Easttown and Prof. Josef Fruehwald, professor of linguistics at Univ. of Kentucky. Donations welcome.

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*Public Archaeology day

Oct 16, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Newlin Grist Mill, 219 Cheyney Rd, Glen Mills, PA 19342

For this season we will not be allowing hands-on public participation, but visitors will have the opportunity to watch the archaeologists work and talk to them about the process and their finds!

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Grain Day at Colonial PA Plantation

Oct 16, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Colonial PA Plantation, 3900 N Sandy Flash Dr, Newtown Square, PA 19073

We will be sowing our Red May wheat, an 18th century variety of winter wheat, and our winter barley. We will be showing some of the steps used to process grains and will be baking bread from our grains. $6/10

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Lantern Ghost Tours

Oct 16 and 23, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Colonial PA Plantation, 3900 N Sandy Flash Dr, Newtown Square, PA 19073

The torchlit path will lead you to locations in and around the Plantation's centuries-old buildings, where costumed interpreters will relate tales of murder, mischief and misadventure from nearby areas in Delaware and Chester counties. 12+ only. $15

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The Forgotten Joseph H. Weeks and his park in Swarthmore. Upcoming events


The above postcard  from 1909 shows the then progress of Swarthmore College and it's then 370 students.

Note: Joseph H. Weeks has been long forgotten, but 100 plus years ago everyone knew his name. The founder and first president of the Keystone Automobile Club, Weeks personal mission was to improve the roads in the state of Pennsylvania. In 1911 he personally wrote the "Sproul Act" which established the Pennsylvania Highway Department one of the first  in the United States. It is hard to imagine today how bad roads were 100 years ago.  Weeks died in 1919 and the Keystone Automobile purchased a small lot of land on Baltimore Pike in Swarthmore Boro to be a memorial park for Weeks. The park sits at the intersection of Chester Rd., Baltimore Pike and Oakdale Rd.  No monument or plaque in honor of weeks was ever done in the park.

CHESTER TIMES – January 13, 1926 


 Unique Monument Will Be Erected at Swarthmore on Baltimore Pike

          A tribute to the memory of the late Joseph H. Weeks, who did much to bring ab out Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive state highway system, as well as organizer and first president of the Keystone Automobile Club, is the purpose for the establishment of a beautiful memorial at Swarthmore.

          In 1911 Joseph H. Weeks accomplished one of the outstanding events of his career.  He wrote and assisted in having put on the statute books the most progressive measure ever enacted for the good of motorists in Pennsylvania.  That was the Sproul Act of 1911, which provided for the state’s great primary system of highways and establishment of its highway department.  The entire text of this act was written by Mr. Weeks and the bill was sponsored by Senator Sproul (afterwards Governor, whose name it bears.

          It was this act that ex-Governor Sproul referred to recently in a speech when he said:

          “The real father of good roads in this state is Joseph H. Weeks, the late president of the Keystone Automobile Club.  I had some sort of plan for better highways through a scheme of state aid, but he had devised a comprehensive state highway system and pumped me so full of enthusiasm for it that was finally put through.

          It was during an extensive speaking tour of the state in 1913, when the first fight was being waged to amend the state constitution permitting the borrowing of money for road construction purposes, that Mr. Weeks suffered the physical breakdown which resulted in his death six years later.

          For thirteen years he was the recognized leader for good roads matters in Pennsylvania.  He built up for the Keystone Automobile Club a prestige greatly beyond what the size of its membership (it was slightly less than four thousand at his death in 1919) warranted.  He was openly opposed to the game of graft practice upon the motorist.  For him, there was no closed season as against grafting magistrates and constables or any other of like ilk whose aim was to victimize the automobile owner.

          The Keystone Automobile Club recently purchased the ground at Swarthmore where the memorial is to be erected.  The cost of the proposed memorial $35,000, is to be raised by popular subscription.

          The memorial monument to be erected has as its central feature a large bronze plaque sixteen feet in diameter containing a relief map of the original state highway system as established by the Sproul Act of 1911.

          The plaque is surrounded by light colored stone curbing at the bottom of a sunken terrace circular in form at the top of which is another curb and a surrounding walk from which the tablet may be contemplated.  Surrounding the walk is a circular balustrade behind seats whence motorists may rest and study their routes upon an appropriate street map.  There surmounts each of twelve pedestals an ornamental vase, rising to a height of about eight feet above the walk and giving a distinctly monumental garden effect.  The whole terrace is raised four steps above the surrounding walk on either side of which there are circular clipped privet hedges, which in turn are surrounded by a sloping terrace.

          The main approach is from the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and Chester Road and other approaches are located from each of the other intersections, giving three general approaches in addition to the intermediate approaches immediately in front of the circular form.  Large shrubbery bushes planted behind the light-colored stone will give a pleasant relief and at the same time obscure the school building on the other side of the street.  New trees, shrubbery and surrounding walks complete the park, all of which have been arranged so that it will not be necessary to disturb the work when Baltimore Avenue is eventually widened to its full width.

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