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Anyone for boating on Ridley Creek in Wallingford?

Note. Many people do not know the original name of the Wallingford Library was Horace Howard Furness Library when it opened in October of 1902. It was named for resident and well known Shakespearian scholar Horace H. Furness. It late 1912 he asked for a change.


 Institution at Wallingford Receives Gift of $5,000

 Name to be changed

            A petition for the changing of the name of the Horace Howard Furness Free Library at Wallingford, will be presented to the Delaware County Courts next Saturday.  The petition is made for the amendment of the charter of the Wallingford Library association, as the result of a bequest of $5,000 made to the library by Dr. Furness with the provision that the name be changed to the Helen Kate Furness Free Library as a memorial to his wife.
            At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors at the Library Association it was decided to use the money for the selection of a suitable site and for the erection of a modern library building thereon.  The board is comprised of the following officers and members:  President, Dr. Horace Jaynes, son-in-law of the late Dr. Furness, who has been president of the board since the library association was incorporated; secretary, William Wiley; treasurer, Alexander B. Geary; the following are the directors; Mrs. Brown, superintendent of the Orphans’ Society of Philadelphia; Mrs. Thomas B. Palmer, James E. Miller, Dr. William H. Furness, third; Powell Stackhouse and John F. Murray.
            The petition sets forth that of November 17, 1902, the Delaware County Courts entered a decree incorporating the Horace Howard Furness Free Library at Wallingford, Nether Providence; that Mr. Furness departed this life since he was made and published his last will and testament, wherein he bequeaths to the library the sum of $5,000 upon condition that the name be changed to that of his wife.
            At a meeting of the library corporation a resolution was adopted providing that the request made by the late Dr. Furness be complied with, and that the proper legal procedure to procure an amendment or alteration of the charter so that the name shall be changed, shall be immediately instituted.
            When it was first proposed to name the library after Dr. Furness, the renowned Shakespearian scholar, with his usual modesty, refrained from accepting the honor, but persistent persuasion on the part of the directors finally won his consent.  The library was consequently incorporated under the name of the Horace Howard Furness Free Library.
            In view of the fact that Dr. Furness was verse to the library being named in his honor, the provision attached to his bequest is not at all surprising to the members of the library association.
            The constitution of the library association provides that every person eighteen years of age or over, residing in Nether Providence Township, who shall pay the sum of one dollar, shall be a member of the corporation for the fiscal year ending on the third Tuesday of October following said payment.

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