Friday, February 3, 2017

East Lansdowne! A thriving village?? a 107 year look back


A post card of Cobbs Creek in E. Lansdowne, the Country look!! LOL



 Remarkable Growth of a Suburban Town That Seeks to Set Up in Business for Itself

            There is no better demonstration of the marvelous growth of a suburban town than the report of the registry assessor, and therefore it is quite interesting to know that the compilation just completed by Thomas B. Angeroth, shows that the voting strength of East Lansdowne is now 201, and that there are 127 children of school age, i.e., between six and fifteen years.  For a plot of ground that was a farm a few years ago this is probably one of the best records of growth in Delaware County.  There are 204 dwellings, one church completed for over two years, and another church and parsonage to be erected shortly, and eight stores located right in East Lansdowne, while the adjoining town of Fernwood has made excellent strides towards becoming a business and manufacturing center during the past year.  The train service to Fernwood, which is the railroad station for East Lansdowne and located only five and one-half miles from Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, has been improved fully twenty-five per cent since May 28th and now during the needed business hours there is practically, as good a service as to any of the other nearby towns located on the Pennsylvania railroad system.  The population of the town is nearly one thousand.
            East Lansdowne has a free delivery of mail service, three collections and two deliveries daily, with a Sunday collection, and has been for the past six years a separate voting precinct, and is now the second highest voting district in Upper Darby Township.  The suburb’s athletic club, Pembroke A.A. has grown sufficiently to have secured a place in the Delaware County Baseball League.
            Philadelphia business men control the affairs of this active suburb, and from the date of the arrival of the first resident, who leads in babies, having now six, all born in east Lansdowne since October, 1902, East Lansdowne has been kept before, the officials of the township and county, and the Chester Times, which has published its news from practically the date of the suburb’s inception, has been of great assistance from a publicity standpoint.
            The members of the East Lansdowne tennis club spent an enjoyable social time at the home of the Misses Taylor, No. 23 Beverly Avenue, on Wednesday evening, indulging in card games and other amusements.  Refreshments were served.  The porch was beautifully decorated with lanterns of handsome design and the party spent the evening on the veranda.
            Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus Weisberger and daughter of 144 Melrose Avenue were entertained a few days recently at the home of Mr. Weisberger’s parents at Cynwyd.
            Miss Katherine R. Shoemaker of 39 Lewis Avenue is at Ocean City this week.
            Clifton Heights team will be entertained by Pembroke this afternoon.  Game begins at 3:30 o’clock.
            Joseph Burkart of Haverford Avenue, West Philadelphia, and family expect to take possession of their new brick house on Lewis Avenue within the new few weeks.
            The Lincoln houses at Pembroke and Lewis Avenues will be completed within a week and the tenants will then move in.
            The fruit committee of the Methodist Episcopal Church met at the Casaccio villa, 34 Beverly Avenue on Wednesday evening and made arrangements for their end of the carnival to beheld on the 15th and 16th of this month.  Members of the committee present were M. Casaccio, Joseph G. McCabe, Joseph Tyas, Alfred F. Steward, Nicholas and Vincenzo Casaccio.
            Programs to the number of 2,000 advertising the Methodist camp meeting and the carnival will be distributed today.

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