Saturday, January 28, 2017

Glenolden vs Gwendolin = Colwyn!!


A Colwyn Fire Dept. parade from 1908

January 16, 1892 – Chester Times


 The New Post Office Causes Additional Trouble For Its Patrons

                Recently the new post office which the people of Colwyn had established and called Gwendolin was changed to Colwyn, because Gwendolin bore two great a similarity to Glenolden and mail intended for the former went to the latter post office and thereby caused great annoyance to the patrons of Gwendolin.  It was a pretty name but it had to go.  By re-christening it Colwyn, the trouble was thought to have been avoided, but it has broken out afresh and more of it.
                Colwyn’s mail now comes to Darby, and Postmaster Patchel has to sort it out and send it back.  A movement is on foot to make Colwyn a sub-post office of Darby.  The mail according to the new scheme, will all come in Darby’s mail bag, it will be sorted out and a messenger will convey it to Colwyn for its patrons.  This will avoid all complication and, it is claimed, get the mail for the Colwyn people promptly and without a kick.  It will be necessary, of course, for the Postmaster at Darby to have a list of the people who use Colwyn post office, in order to sort their mail.  If some such arrangement is not made, it is said that the authorities at Washington, who are tired of the complaints about the new office, will abolish Colwyn as a post office.

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  1. wow....never knew Colwyn had a different name nor its own PO!!!