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Plush Mill Bridge opens! Upcoming events and Delco Spoorts Legends new book!!

The Plush Mill aka Memorial Bridge on Baltimore Pike about 1950. You are looking east toward Springfield Twp. across Crum Creek. The bridge opened in 1924 but was not dedicated till 1926.


NOTE: It is hard to imagine today that Baltimore Pike was THE route to go to Baltimore and Washington D.C. etc. before I-95 was built. Baltimore Pike was a two lane highway till 1958, when it was widened to four lanes. On the inside of this Memorial Bridge were two plaques to honor the dead from Delaware Co. in World War 1. When the bridge was widened , the plaques were put in storage for almost 60 years. They were re-erected at the entrance to Smedley Park in Springfield Twp. where you can see them today. The names on the two plaques are below. Please forgive any miss-spellings the newspaper was hard to read.



 Last Detour of County Wiped out This Morning When Barrier is Let Down on $200,000 Bridge 

Hundreds of Autos Inaugurate Travel

          The Victoria Plush Mill Bridge, situated over Crum Creek, Swarthmore, was thrown open to travel this morning and the early hours of its career witnessed hundreds of machines passing over it.  The barriers were taken down last night but it was not until day break today that the structure was given its initial tryout by the public.
          The bridge was erected at a cost of approximately $200,000.  The contract price for the bridge alone was $180,000, the extras bringing the total cost to $200,000.
          The span was designed by County Engineer R. J. Aydlotte and stands out as one of the most beautiful concrete structures in this section of the country.  Work on the bridge was commenced in the spring of last year.  With the opening of the new bridge one of the county’s worst danger points has been eliminated.  Persons who passed over it by machine this morning found that the former curve on the west side had been done away with and that the grade leading to the bridge proper had been cut to about eight per cent.  It also removes the last detour in the county, one of the worst that local and touring drivers had to contend with.
These tablets, which are the largest of their kind in the United States, contain the names of two hundred and eighty men and two women and are fifteen feet high and eight feet in width.
          The bridge on which they are hung was erected as a memorial to those who gave their lives in defense of their country.  It was erected at a contract price of approximately $387,000, is two hundred and forty feet in length and has a roadway forty feet wide, with two five feet sidewalks.  The bridge was designed by R. J. Aydlotte, who has since died and the memorial arch was designed by Clarence W. Brazer.
          NAMES ON THE TABLETS – The list of names which appears on the tablets are as follows:  Charles Aikens, Harold Ainsworth, Thomas Clark Allen, Antonio Areco, Frederick W. Bense, Joseph Boshell, Frank T. Barnes, William Batesman, Walter E. Beaumen, Herbert W. Best, John B. Block, Clarence H. Blythe, George W. Booth, James Bradley, Harry Brown, Raymond G. Brown, Harry Brush, Clarence F. Buckalew, William Buley, Claude Burrell, Darrell W. Byerly, Eugene B. Eyre, Johnson D. Carr, James L. Carr, Vincenzo Catini, Giuseppe Ceccarelli, Collins Chambers, George Chessolosky William McK Childs, Harry M. Clifford, Stanton H. Cloud, Madeline Cloud, William Powell Colter, James W. Conway, Edmund G. Cook, Julius K. Counchill, DeWitt C. Cowan, Walter Arnson Craneer, Jacob H. Cranfield, John W. Cross, Pentelione Cucinotte, William W. Cunningham, Roy C. Davidson, George Henry Dean, Earl N. Dehmer, Amos E. Deiter, John A. Delaney, Paul Dewnegre, William P. Derrickson, Altorende Dicarlo, Charles A. Dick, Wallace Craig Dickson, Alexander Limeulo, Fransaico Dibetino, William B. Dixon, John Dowling, John Doyle, George D. Dreslin, Clyde Duffieled, Howard Reyduncki, Graham E. Elder, Lawrence J. Emmertz, Howard Evans, Eugene C. Everhart, Gardner Fairlamb, Charles A. Farr, George Farrell, L. Faulkner, Clarence P. Ferguson, Lewis Howard Fielding, Charlie Fids, Anthony Finnocchio, Thomas J. Flennery, William Fleming, James Ford, John Ford, William C. Foreaker, Clarence Freeman, Paul Fullerton, Edward Gallagher, Joseph M. Gardner, Fizzi Garlane, Nicola Gioncatarino, Robert Fullerton Gordon, Paul Grense, Harry J. Grant William C. Grelfzu, Oscar G. Greip, Norman B. Hallman, Edward R. Hemer, Arthur R. Henling, John Harkins, William F. Harkins, Howard Hartley, Richard Hartley, Frederick Hawthorne, James L. Heagerty, Louis R. Heath, Hugh J. Herr, Alfred J. Higgins, Jefferies Higgins, John J. Hoffecker, John Hienski, George B. Hoffman, Harry Holladay, Otis Holmes, Carl T. Holt, Robert W. Holt, Jr., Awerko Holuszczek, Charles H. Horsey, Herman L. Hughes, Walter J. Hunter, Lewis E. Ingham, Grace Ireland, Willis Jackson, Wilford W. Jefferies, Mike Jeswmils, Alfred Lee Johnson, Rudolph M. Johnson, Mercer S. Johnston, Samuel Irvin Jopy, John Kadinski, Ernest Kaufman, Anthony Kazlewski, William J. Keher, Andrew J. Kennedy, Warren Kirk, James L. Killen, Joseph King, James E. King, Langston Kirk, Frank Kolsolike, William G. Kork, John Klrumboldt, Leroy Latto, Hewitt Lawrence, Charlie Laxton, Harry Lazaruk, Rufus Earl Leach, John J. Leary, Norman Leonard, Lafayette Liechetti, Robert Logan, Joseph T. Long, William Loveland, Wilson Loyd, Anthony Lukaitis, Edmund W. Lynch, Serafino Maeri, John  McGinnes, Walter Madenford, Joseph F. Maher, George H. Majilton, Henry B. Major, Gennarlo Malgee, Wilmer N. Mannering, Lorn F. Mason, Thomas T. Mason, William E. Magee, William J. Meizner, Howard Melody, Henry S. Michell, 2nd, Jesse Miller, Benny Miller, James W. Miller, William R. Miller, Philip Oyerton Mills, Walter S. Mitchell, Benjamin S. Mock, G. R. Monroe, Gormley J. Montgomery, William L. Mooney, William D. Moore, Clarence Mortland, Harry J. Mosley, Joseph A. Mullin, Thomas McAndrews, John McBride, John A. McDevitt, George C. McDonald, Robert McKeige, John McKenna, Arthur J. McKinney, William McLean, James W. McMeekin, Edward F. McShane, Howard H. McVaugh, Frank Neroni, Clinton VanPewlt Newboldt, James Newsome, Philip M. Norbeck, William L. Numan, Joseph O’Dirrisio, William Francis O’Hara, James Oliver, Wendell Osborne, Jr., Pasqual Palumbo, Samuel Panasaik, Norman S. Phillips, Joseph E. Pierce, Theodore Pistikoudis, Richard Henry Pittsa, Thomas Robert Reath, Horace Regent, John P. Reilly, George H. Righter, Caetano Rizza, Harry G. Robinson, Jr., Richard J. Rorke, Benjamin Rosenberger, Carlo Rossi, Anthony Ronthkowski, Alexander L. Ruddock, Paul Clinton Rudolph, David Rupp, 3rd, Joseph A. Ryan, Wedan Rywicki, Benjamin Sabatino, Jacob Sahckem, Joseph X. Saunders, Edward Sauers, William C. Savill, Casper G. Schroeder, William H. S. Shultz, Domenico Scialle, Francesco Sciamume, Genneco Sciplone, Alexander Scott, Edge T. Scott, Louis Sorebuno, Thomas Martin Shaw, David J. Shields, Howard L. Simcox, DeForrest Willard Skilling, Clayton T. Smith, William Clyde Smith, William F. Smith, John Sottile, Charles Spence, William H. Spence, Earl B. Staley, Theodore W. Stein, Alfred Stevenson, Frank W. Stevenson, Ellsworth Stokes, George V. Stuart, Frank F. Sullivan, Walter Syzamanski, Finley R. Taylor, Herbert M. Taylor, Soccorso Tecce, Stephen Terzzito, Roy Thomas, Albert L. Thompson, William Harry Thorpe, Rufus Tolson, Camillo Traino, Toney Trongonew, Thomas A. Veneman, Fillipo  Antonio Vivole, Stephen W. Wondersmith, Frank R. Walker, Jesse H. Walker, John Walsh, Peter A. Warsewiez, Percy Wetmuff, Albert A. Watson, Raymond W. Watson, Pennington H. Way, John W. Wetgel, Raymond Whelanhan, Edwin S. Williams, James C. Wilson, Maurice F. Witmer, Charles E. Worrell, Charles Wright, Albert C. Wunderlich, Lewis Worrall Yarnall, Jr., James Yost, James Zane, Daniel W. Zeising.

What do Cadbury Chocolate, The Jersey Devil, and the 18th century transgender preacher known as the Public Universal Friend have in common?  They were all born Quakers!  This lecture will review the lives of some famous Quakers like Lucretia Mott and Bayard Rustin, as well as less well-known Friends and some  "Friendly" almost-Quakers.

To learn about this and much more, join Aston Township Historical Society in welcoming local historian Celia Caust-Ellenbogen of the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College on Thursday, February 13th, 2020, at 7 PM.  Doors open at 6:30 PM so you can enjoy the new displays featuring the many interesting Women of Aston and the patriotic Veterans from Aston at the Aston Township Community Center located at 3270 Concord Road, Aston, PA 19064.

This event is free and open to the public.  However donations are always welcomed.  Ask about their volunteer opportunities, too!  In case of a snow storm, the event will be rescheduled.

The Heritage Commission of Delaware County presents:

Finding your Delco Roots:


Free Genealogy Seminar

· Barbara Selletti, genealogist· Margaret Jerrido & Judith Giesberg, Last Seen: Using Information Conduct African American Genealogy Wanted Ads to
· Sarah Horowitz, Quaker and Special Collections, Haverford College

Saturday, March 28, 2020
8:30 am - 12 pm
County Council Meeting Room
First Floor, Government Center
Media, PA 19063
Light breakfast included oatm: mission-2020-annual-seminar

Sports Legends of Delaware County (SLDC)  is excited to launch its first-ever book, "Tales from the Museum: A Collaborative Anthology" celebrating 20 years since the museum first opened and traces the stories behind its different locations, athletes, and events. A timeless gift for anyone interested in sports or local history!

The book is available for individual purchase at $35. With a donation of $50, become a Friend of SLDC Museum with name recognition on our website and receive the book with free shipment included. To place an order request, please email Jim Vankoski at or call 610-909-4919.

Payment can be made through our home page at through the donate link using PayPal, credit or debit card, or please send a check made payable to: SLDC Museum and mail to 301 Iven Avenue Radnor, PA 19087. Orders will ship once the book order arrives! SLDC is a non-profit 501c3 organization. 


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