Monday, July 15, 2019

From private golf course to Concord Twp. Club! Lots going on this week see below!!


I hope a Concord Twp. resident recognizes this farm. It is a postcard from about 1915. Please email me Thanks Keith


Note: Golf courses were all the rage in the early 20th century in Delco. Golf Clubs were popping up everywhere. The Concord Twp Club Course was originally a private 9 hole course for the Martin Family.



 Pays $175,000 for the Mansion and Tract of 216 Acres

          The Brinton Lake Club has purchased the property owned by Joseph J. Martin, consisting of two hundred and sixteen acres of land, located in Concord Township, at the intersection of the Baltimore Pike and the Wilmington West Chester Pike, commonly known as “Painter’s Crossroads.”  Besides this vast stretch of land, the property includes the beautiful Martin mansion, known as Robin’s Lawn and Brookfield Farm.
          By this acquisition of land, the Brinton Lake Club owns a total of three hundred and seventy-eight acres, in what is considered one of the best sections of Delaware County, easily accessible to Wilmington, West Chester and Chester people, to say nothing of intermediate points.
          There is on the acquired property a nine-hole golf course, built by Mr. Martin for his own private use.  However, an entirely new eighteen hole course is to be constructed, the plans for which are being prepared by William S. Flynn of Ardmore.  The latter is a golf architect of note.  He states that the land addition will give the Brinton Lake Club one of the best golf courses in the East.
          The “Summer Colony” privilege, as originally planned, will be accorded members of the club, which will include the advantages of the beautiful lake.
          Extensive alterations and additions are to be made to the Martin mansion, plans for which are being prepared by Norman Hulme, architect, Philadelphia.  When all the improvements have been made, the club will have a house it is stated, as fine as any in the vicinity of Philadelphia, all of which will tend to increase the membership to a gratifying extent, it is believed.
          This choice property has been a show place of the northwest section of Delaware County for a long time.  Few, however, ever dreamed of it becoming the recreational spot that is outlined.  The property was held at $175,000, and the sale was consummated by T. W. Read, Chester, and Hirst and Martin, Philadelphia.
          This club, though but a year old, has won much favor in the way of membership and popularity.  It owes its existence to what is considered the farsightedness of Elwood J. Turner, Esq., and Fred M. Schwalm of this city.
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