Friday, June 22, 2018

The towns of Norfolk and Parkside to incorporate 99 years ago


Edgmont Ave. looking down Elkington Ave. into Chester Park about 1920. Yes Edgmont Ave. is a dirt road!!


NOTE: Parkside Boro will be 100 years old next year and 99 years ago began planning it with the town of Norfolk. Parkside was named for being along side Chester Park



 Parkside and Norfolk Residents Favor the Incorporation of a Borough of Their Own

                Residents of Parkside and Norfolk are eager to have a borough formed in that locality.  At a recent meeting of the citizens most of whom are property owners, it was unanimously agreed to begin at once and petition the Court to have both sections formed into a borough.  A committee was appointed by Samuel Montgomery, president of the association formed in that vicinity some time ago, and this committee of three will at once secure the services of counsel, and adopt a name for the proposed borough.
                Norfolk and Parkside are the only residential sections off Chester Township, the balance being farmlands.  The citizens in the residential section of the township are eager to have their section improved, which means that a borough will be the only outlet for the remedy of the conditions now existing, as the improvements will not come under township rule.  The principal improvements needed are better school facilities for the children, who at the present time, are forced to go a long distance to the township school and then only on part time, street lighting, fire plugs and improved streets are also in demand.  At the present time in case of fire there are no plugs and a house would burn to the ground for lack of water. Out of fifty-six houses in the Norfolk district, all are occupied by owners with the exception of one family in this section C. A. Post has erected twelve houses during the past fifteen months and contracts have been given for five more.
                Parkside is also forgoing ahead and promises to be one of the exclusive residential section of the county in a short time.  At present, there are prospects that sixty more residences of ornate design will be erected during the summer months, all of which will be sold and the owners move in. Ground has been donated for a school house, public park and a playground and under borough rule these places will be well taken care of.  The proposed borough is located northwest of Park Place, adjoining Chester Park and the Freihofer tract.  All of the houses are substantially built and their ornate appearance gives the section one of the best appearances of any in the county.
                Another important matter that has presented itself before the members of the association, is the fact that a suitable piece of ground has been donated for the erection of a chapel and later a church.  At the coming session of the Philadelphia Methodist Conference, to be held in Philadelphia, the matter will be taken up before that body, and supply clergyman will more than likely be sent each week to the chapel that will be erected.  The house of worship will be located at Poland Road and Edgmont Avenue, which is situated about in the center of the proposed borough.
                Other improvements are under way in that section.  Maurice Williams will erect a bungalow on the lot adjoining the house he recently disposed of at the corner of Camden Street and Edgmont Avenue.  H. F. Burrows has purchased the old Howarth mansion, and he is having it removed to Poland Road, Parkside.  A two-story cottage will shortly be started by William Rockenbeck on Camden Street, which will add greatly to the appearance of that thoroughfare. Other improvements are underway and it is expected that three hundred houses and bungalows will be erected this summer.


  1. Born in Cheater and raised in Parkside. Had no idea.

  2. My dance school, Parkside Academy of Music and Dance was built in 1918. 2 years before it was actually Parkside!