Sunday, June 24, 2018

Churches, Margee Mayo and Swarthmore



 As many of you know, I have been collecting Delaware County history items for almost 50 years. Books, pamphlets, pictures, postcards, medals etc. and I'm always looking for new things and yes I pay for them!! Just yesterday a lady told me her church was having an anniversary and they were doing a book, I had no idea. If any of you, my readers hear of a church or organization etc. in Delaware County doing a book, booklet etc. PLEASE let me know! I do not want to miss anything, Thanks Keith
Ok readers, this is for my Swarthmore readers, especially Margee Mayo. She asked for a Swarthmore picture this week. This is an unknown Swarthmore picture from c.1905. It is a real photo postcard of an unknown street. The student who sent this card speaks of "examination week". Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Keith


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  1. Thanks Keith. I wish there were homes in the photo, perhaps we would be able to identify the area. I know it's not Riverview Rd because when my parents purchased our home in 1947 Riverview was a dirt road. Love to read and hear about my hometown from yesteryear, it was an amazing town to grow up in and then raise our sons in.