Saturday, February 7, 2015

How old is your organization? and cooking at the Colonial Plantation

Does anyone recognize this street scene? I have no idea. Thanks

How old is your church, organization??

 The age of any organization is open to personal judgment, every organization has different criteria on how old they are. Churches are the worst, some churches base they age on when their dedication was held or when their church was chartered. I always base the age of a organization when  the first meeting was held to get things going. My church, Prospect Methodist dates the church to June 1879 when the church was dedicated. But meetings and church services began to be held in the fall of 1877. Another church bases it's founding on when the church officially selected it's official name and was organized. But for 6 months before the "official name" the church went by another one. Even official records can be deceiving. The one church had the first minute book of the first meeting in March of 1889 and that was the date they used as the churches founding. Correct? Not exactly. While doing some other research I discovered the church had actually started meeting 4 months before. The newspaper had dates of the meetings and where etc. The problem?  no one took any minutes for the first four months.
  Fire companies can be difficult too. Many companies base their age on when the company was chartered which is not correct. One fire chief thought I was crazy when I told him his company was two years older than the date on the company emblem. When I showed him newspaper articles that the company had a home, equipment and was fighting fires two years before the charter was signed and filed he was shocked.
  The Masons of Prospect Park trace the age of their organization to 1889 when the cornerstone of their building was laid. I asked one of them if a group of men who did not know each other, met one day and decided to build a home? sure. So how old is your organization?

Colonial Plantation


Ridley Creek State Park

Join us for our first workshop of the year and learn to cook a whole meal from start to finish in our kitchen!
Colonial Cooking WorkshopSaturday, February 21st10 AM - 3 PM
$25 members/volunteers $35 nonmembers
Limit 10 participants. Must register in advance! Call me at the office: 610-566-1725


Joy Scott
Office Manager

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation




  1. Delaware County Field & Stream was founded officially (by name) in March of 1939. However we started to form in 1938 but did not incorporate until 1940 and purchase our current property until 1942.

  2. I believe the house on the right is mine. 106 Poplar Walk. I think the photo negative was reversed and it was taken before Poplar Walk was dug out and lowered. Or there is just another house in town exactly a mirror image of mine.