Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sharing history well

As you can see this picture is from Rose Valley. Looking for an address

Sharing history well


  The old expression, " I didn't share well as a child" is applying to me a lot more these days. As a 40 year collector of Delaware County memorabilia and counting the new generation of "collectors" do not understand. They say they want a "copy" and I say sure it will cost you this much, they are dumbfounded. Why should "I" pay? they say, well I did. No one gave me my extensive collection, it took years of collection and thousands of dollars. The "right click" generation does not seem to get it. When the internet, face book first came out it was great to post pictures and hear the comments. Then I saw my pictures on other sites and other people claiming it was "their" picture. Yeah that right click thing again. Some people have been nice and have asked permission, but most do not, they just take it. Then they wonder why you get upset. My friends who are serious collectors all have their stories. The college student who wanted to copy all my friends work and pictures for his school paper, no credit, no nothing and just could not understand why my friend would not just give it to him. I turn people down all the time and they just do not get or care of all the time, work and money it cost to put my collection together. The funniest and yet scariest was the lecture I want to several years ago. My buddy was talking and showing pictures about Delaware County transportation, trollies etc. My buddy is in his early 70's still in good shape and after the talk we were standing around he was answering questions talking to different people. All of a sudden he ran over to his computer were a young guy was standing. My buddy said nothing and hit the guy so hard he decked him and this guy was 40 some odd years younger. At first no one understood what was going on, the young guy just got up and ran out of the building. Then we saw it. He had been using a portable hard drive to try and steal all my friends pictures and luckily he had spotted the thief from across the room just in time. So next time you want a historical picture? just ask and bring some cash. I do share.

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