Sunday, January 19, 2014

World War 2 talk in Newtown Square

You have to be up there in years to remember when Williamson Trade School looked like this. From 1948
January 22 Lecture at Newtown Square Library
Exploring Normandy and Other American War Memories in France

Award-winning travel writer Gary Lee Kraut, a Paris-based specialist on
travel and touring in France who grew up in New Jersey, will be speaking at
the Newtown Square Library on January 22 at 7:00 p.m. as part of his 6-week
lecture tour from New York to Miami. The library is located at 201 Bishop
Hollow Road, Newtown Square

To mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landing in Normandy and the
Liberation of France by the Allied Forces as well as the 100th anniversary
of the outset of the First World War, Gary will be presenting a fascinating
illustrated lecture entitled "Exploring Normandy and Other American War
Memories in France."

In this insightful lecture of interest to international travelers as well as
to armchair travelers, Gary will explain how the battle sites and
surrounding areas can captivate Americans of all ages. He'll describe how
war tourism has evolved over time and speak of some of the extraordinary
people he's met during his work as a travel writer and traveling lecturer,
from a brandy producer on a historic farm near Omaha Beach (Normandy) to a
French WWI guide whose father was a gardener for Charles de Gaulle to an
American war veteran. He'll tell moving and uplifting stories about touring
with the children and grandchildren of veterans and with travelers who were
unexpectedly and indelibly touched by what they saw. He'll also speak of the
non-war-related treasures and pleasures of Normandy and other former battle
zones and provide useful information for those interested in traveling to
Paris and throughout France.

Gary Lee Kraut is the author of 5 guidebooks and hundreds of articles about
Paris and France. He is currently the editor of the online premier travel
and culture magazine France Revisited,
<> . In 1996 he received FrancePress&#39;s Prix
d'Excellence for his guidebook to France. In 2012 he was elected to the
board of the France's Heritage Journalists Association, the first non-French
journalist to be so honored. His has been called upon to assist and advise a
wide array of individuals and groups traveling to France, including a U.S.
senator, a Hollywood actress, a best-selling author, corporate presidents,
educational institutions, charitable organizations, and many curious
travelers from across the U.S. and from a half-dozen other countries.

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