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Some Delco Court Cases from 100 plus years ago!!

The above picture shows Parker Ave. aka now MacDade Blvd in Collingdale, the exact location is unknown. The picture is from about 1900.


 March 29, 1911  


         “Foxy” is no common little one dollar dog.  Banish the thought.  True, it is that a note of that denomination was paid for “Foxy” when he was a puppy and the small boy who made the sale joyfully went off his way with the money stuffed safely in his picket.  “Foxy” has grown since then, and a proud little god he is.  He has cost much more than the original price paid for him.  In fact, $450 would hardly cover the cost, but the owner, Mrs. Emma Schreiner of Collingdale, does not have that price to pay, as a large portion of it falls on Harry W. Tyler, a Darby Township builder, who also laid claim to the collie.  It took twelve good and true men to decide the ownership of “Foxy,” and they rendered a verdict as a jury yesterday afternoon deciding that the dog is the property of Mrs. Schreiner.  The case was on trial the previous day and was concluded yesterday.

         AN EXPENSIVE CASE – To decide the ownership of the dog Judge Johnson had to occupy the bench for two days, about thirty witnesses were present in court for two days, receiving fees and mileage, four lawyers were engaged, and a jury had to serve.  Besides these expenses there were incidentals.  The county will have to pay for nearly all the amount owed to the jurors, who received $2.50 a day.  The loser of the litigation will pay the witness fees and general expenses.  Each party pays the attorneys.  Mrs. Schreiner, who secured the dog in the replevin suit, had to pay $40 for its keep during the litigation, which has lasted for a year.  She also had to put up a large bond for the dog. 

         J. H. Hinkson, J. DeHaven Ledward and Hiram Hathaway were attorneys for Mrs. Schreiner and William Taylor was attorney for Mr. Tyler.

         In the suit of James Holstrom, Inc. against Catherine A. Dougherty of Chester, judgment was entered in open court yesterday awarding the plaintiff $185.65.  The suit was on a promissory note and the amount claimed was $205.21.   The agreement to enter the judgment was reached yesterday.  A. A. Cochran, Esq. represented the plaintiff, and John E. McDonough, Esq. the defendant.

         Before Judge William B. Broomall one case was tried yesterday, that of F. A. North & Sons against Mrs. C. Hockery of Strafford.  Mrs. Hockery was purchasing a piano on a lease and had not paid at regular intervals.  The payment had been overdue but the piano company, which is located in Philadelphia, did not take any action.  When there was but $14 left to be paid the company replevin the piano.  The piano was returned to Mrs. Hockery.  The company sued not only to secure the $14 but to secure the piano, which is possible under the leases.  The jury returned a verdict for the defendant.  J. E. McDonough, Esq. represented the plaintiff and Ernest L. Green, Esq., the defendant.

         LAST CASE FOR TRIAL – The last case for trial this week in civil court was begun yesterday afternoon before Judge Johnson.  All the evidence was completed with the exception of that of one witness, leaving the argument and charge for today.  The suit is that of George Roberts Powell against Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company.  On May 9, 1910, a borrowed horse attached to a wagon was struck by a P. R. T. Car on Main Street, Darby, and Powell was thrown out of the wagon and hurt, for which injuries he sues for damages, claiming negligence upon the part of the company.  The company denied that there had been any negligence upon its part.  William Taylor, Esq. represents the plaintiff and William I. Schaffer, Esq., the defendant. 

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TO:            Historical organizations, municipal officials, and all persons interested in the heritage of Delaware County


FROM:        Barbara Marinelli



DATE:        November 9th, 2023




         Help us honor someone who is preserving our heritage by…


·       Restoring or rehabilitating a building, object or site


·       Publishing an article, book, or any written material about

history or our heritage


·       Contributing to the general public knowledge and awareness of Delaware County history


·       Creating a special program or project highlighting a facet of community history


We want to know about these projects and consider them for a Preservation Award. By helping us recognize these individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, or institutions, you will be helping to encourage the continued preservation of our County’s heritage. Coordinated by the Heritage Commission, these awards are presented annually by County Council during National Preservation Month in May.


Any group or person may make nominations for any category. The Award Categories and a Nomination Form will also be available online at We strongly encourage you to thoroughly complete the form and to include all of the necessary materials requested. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Clifford at 610-891-5223 or The deadline for nominations is Thursday, February 29, 2024.




Award Categories


I       Site Preservation

Nominations can include exterior and interior restoration, preservation, or rehabilitation of an historical structure and/or site in a manner that preserves the building or site’s historical, cultural, and/or architectural significance. Projects are divided into the following sub-categories.

1.   Residential Rehabilitation

This includes projects that rehabilitate a building, originally used as a resident, for residential use.

2.   Non-Residential Rehabilitation

This includes projects that rehabilitate a building for the same non-residential purpose that the building was originally intended.

3.   Adaptive Reuse

This includes preservation efforts that have adapted a structure designed for one use into an appropriate alternative use, thus reinventing the use of a space while preserving the architectural integrity.

4.   Architectural Detail

This recognizes efforts to restore exterior details of a building in a manner fitting its historic character. Examples would include, but not limited to, porches, cornice work, and window restoration.

5.   Restoration

This recognizes efforts to accurately depict the form, features, and character of a property or object as it appeared at a particular period of time.

6.   Site Preservation

This recognizes efforts to preserve sites of removal or armed conflict, or land with significant tribal, local or natural resources that offer whole stories of the people stewarding or living on this land.

7.   Cemeteries

This recognizes efforts to preserve cemeteries in Delaware County older than 100 years by maintenance projects, headstone repairs, or creating grave listings.


II     Publications

1.    Publications may include books, articles, magazines, videos, calendars, etc. that present the heritage of Delaware County.

2.    Also included are blogs, Facebook, websites, podcasts or other types of social media that connects the public with local and county history.


III    Special Programs/Projects

Examples may be in education, research, archival activities, or any other creative process used to preserve Delaware County’s heritage. These submissions can be ongoing or on a one-time basis.  

IV     Individual or Group Achievement

Individual Achievement recognizes a single person who has made a significant contribution by his or her support of and involvement in preservation projects or activities. Group Achievement recognizes a group who has formed for the purpose of history or preservation, such as a ‘Friends of’ group or Historical Society, and their general contributions to Delaware County, not just for a specific project.


V      Historic Preservation Planning

This category recognizes efforts in planning to preserve Delaware County’s heritage, including preserving buildings, complexes, archaeological sites, and community character. Examples include surveys, ordinances, creating historical commissions, design guidelines, National Register nominations, and municipal stewardship.


VI     Youth

The Youth Award recognizes a youth, who has made outstanding efforts to preserve Delaware County’s heritage through various projects undertaken, in school or outside, or through volunteering efforts.


VII   The Leedom B. Morrison Heritage Award

This Award recognizes preservation projects in the City of Chester that involve restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse of an historical structure or any other type of project that preserves the heritage of Chester City.


VIII  Legacy Award

To recognize and award the efforts of long-standing members of the business community that have demonstrated good stewardship and have maintained the architectural integrity and architectural elements of their historic buildings and site.


IX     Veterans Legacy

The Veterans award recognizes an individual or group whose efforts are to memorialize veteran’s history, sites, cemeteries, monuments, or objects.


X      Indigenous Heritage

This award recognizes projects that ensure preservation of Indigenous objects, traditional places or lifeways, and intangible heritage or languages.




·        You may nominate candidates or projects that have, in your estimation, made outstanding contributions in any of the categories listed above. All sites, projects, or publications must be within Delaware County or concerning Delaware County history.

·        Projects in Categories I, II, III, V, VII, and IX must have been completed within the past three years or be ongoing if it is a continuing program.

·        Construction projects may be commercial, institutional, or residential. The building must be at least 50 years old and must have retained much of its original character on the exterior and show compatibility on the interior. The surroundings and landscaping must be in harmony with the structure and its time frame (this does not preclude a structure that has modern development surrounding it).

·        The Commission’s decisions are final and will be based on the extant that the application demonstrates the projects’ positive impacts on Delaware County’s heritage. Incomplete applications or applications that do not contain enough information to understand the project and its importance to the county will not be considered for nomination.


Heritage Commission

Preservation Awards 2024



       I.        Site Preservation

     All nominations MUST include photographs, preferably before the project and after completion. Please provide a 1-3 page description that describes the project being nominated, the reason(s) for nomination, the significance and history of the building, site, or object, and the names of those having a significant role in completion of the project. The description must explain the work that was completed in enough detail to provide an accurate understanding of the scope of the project and how the work preserved the historic character of the building, site, or object. Please explain what changes were made to the historic building, site, or object, including any removal or replacement of original architectural elements and material. Please explain any efforts to preserve or replicate, where not possible to preserve, historic fabric and elements. Please describe any new additions, where they are located, their use, and how they relate to the original building. Please submit enough photographs to accurately show the building, site, or object and the work that was completed. Please submit digital versions of the photos if possible. The project will be reviewed based on the sensitivity to the historic character of the building, site, or object; preservation of historic materials and quality of project craftsmanship; and, impact of the project on the preservation of Delaware County’s heritage. 


    II.        Publications

2 physical copies of the publication (one will be returned) must be submitted if applicable. If digital/online, include the link to where it is publicly accessible in the description. Along with the publication, please include in your description a brief summary of the publication, the effort involved in its creation, its historical integrity, and its impact on Delaware County’s heritage. It should include a variety of primary and secondary sources used for the historical context. 


  III.        Special Programs/Projects

All nominations should give complete descriptions, and any supplementary materials, such as brochures, news articles, or photographs, should be submitted. In the description include enough detail to understand what the project entailed, the efforts involved, the educational and community impact, and how it preserves Delaware County’s heritage. It should include a variety of primary and secondary sources used for the historical context. 


   IV.        Individual or Group Achievement

Include in the description the individual’s or group’s various efforts to foster and preserve the heritage of Delaware County and their impact on Delaware County. Please indicate the length of their involvement in various projects and organizations and whether the service was paid or volunteer. At least 3 photographs are requested, showing their work. Physical photographs will be returned, but digital is preferred. 


      V.        Historic Preservation Planning Efforts

All nominations should provide complete descriptions with enough detail to understand what planning effort a person or organization undertook. Please provide copies (digital or printed) of any product, such as guidelines, National Register nominations, surveys, etc. Please describe the effort involved, its purpose, the final product or outcome, and how it preserves Delaware County’s heritage. 


   VI.        Youth

    Include in the description the youth’s efforts to foster and preserve the heritage of Delaware County. If the nomination is for a project or various projects by a youth, refer to Special Program/Project above for application requirements. If the nomination is for volunteer efforts, please explain the youth’s role, the amount of time dedicated, and the organization/project involved.



 VII.        Leedom B. Morrison Award

All nominations MUST include photographs, preferably before the project and after completion. For restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse, refer to Site Preservation above for the application requirements. For other types of projects, refer to Special Program/Project above for the requirements.


VIII.        Legacy Award

Businesses must be located in Delaware County, in operation for 50 years or longer, and located in a building designated as a local historic resource. The fa├žade of the building must retain its original character and appearance. Businesses may be nominated after they reach their 50th anniversary at the historic location and/or at their 75th, 100th, 125th anniversary, or any 5-year interval thereafter.  Nominations must be received within 3 years of the anniversary date. Eligible types of businesses may include, but are not limited to: professional services, retail, industrial, hotels, and hospitality.


   IX.        Veterans Legacy

Include in the description the various efforts to memorialize veteran’s history, sites, cemeteries, monuments, or objects. Please indicate the length of involvement in various projects and/or organizations and whether the individual or group was a volunteer or paid position. A photograph of the individual or group is requested for inclusion in the program. Physical photographs will be returned, but digital is preferred.


      X.        Indigenous Heritage

All nominations should give complete descriptions, and any supplementary materials, such as brochures, news articles, or photographs, should be submitted. In the description, convey details of the project scope and include the efforts involved, educational and community impact, and significance in preservation of Indigenous heritage. It should include a variety of primary and secondary sources used for the historical context. 



For all categories, please submit as much information as needed to convey the project. Entries of Publications, Documentaries, Videos and Special Projects should include a variety of primary and secondary sources used for the historical context.  The more information, the better the Heritage Commission members will understand the importance of the project. Whenever possible, digital versions of photographs and materials are appreciated (.jpg or .png at 400dpi or higher preferred for photographs).



To use the PDF:

·        Download AND SAVE the PDF form to your computer here

·        Complete the downloaded form

·        Resave the form with your information


Email the form with any supporting information to  (preferred) or print out the form, fill it out and mail it to:

Heritage Commission of Delaware County

C/O Delaware County Planning Department

2 W. Baltimore Ave. Suite 202

Media, PA 19063


To use the online form:

·        Go to  

·        Fill out the form and upload supporting documents

·        Submit (email additional information to


All nominations are due by February 29, 2024

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