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The Suburb of Roses, Sunshine and Good Fellowship aka Drexel Hill !!! Events at the Colonial Plantation!!


Above is part of a real estate brochure for Drexel Hill in Upper Darby Twp. from the 1920's. One of the big things realtors promoted was the "elevated railway" aka the trolley line from Phila. as a big reason to move to Drexel Hill. Another page of the brochure is below. Below that is a newspaper ad for Drexel Hill from March of 1922.

Note: Delaware County Real estate was selling like crazy in the 1920's especially in eastern Delaware Co. Places like Upper Darby were especially hot. Below is a newspaper advertisement, advertising Drexel Hill.  .


 Drexel Hill

                Own a home in Nature’s Playground 

 Drexel Hill 

  The Suburb of Roses, Sunshine and Good Fellowship 

 This Slogan is Going to be Very Familiar Before Our Campaign is Completed

                It epitomizes the advantages of DREXEL HILL, as you folk know them, in a manner that will attract the attention of hundreds of desirable people, who, during the coming months will be seeking homes outside the city.

                The results already secured, this early in the year, are most gratifying; and but indicate what the future has in store for DREXEL HILL,

                Every pleasant Sunday or Saturday afternoon, DREXEL HILL is going to be the Mecca of hundreds of city residents, who come to look, skeptical perhaps of the advertised beauties of our suburb, but many of whom will remain to purchase and to residue here, as soon as a home can be provided.

                The beautiful streets of DREXEL HILL, with their wealth of trees, shrubbery, well-kept lawns, the air of contentment and prosperity that pervades the community, have their effect on the first-time visitor.

                On Aronimink Tract work is being rushed as fast as human ingenuity will permit.  Our new office building is ready for occupancy, the larger quarters will permit us to increase our facilities for handling this rapidly expanding business.

                The road from Aronimink Station to State Road has been temporarily closed that it may be surfaced, just as soon as the sewer and water pipes are laid.  Woodland Avenue, north of and paralleling the Media Short Line, has been graded, ready for early surfacing, from School Lane to our new office building.  On this street, five houses are already in process of completion.

                Over $300,000 worth of property has been sold in Aronimink Tract.  A number of properties in the restricted business section have been sold, and in a short time several stores, among them a modern drug store, will be erected.  In about ten days’ time, operations will begin on the Hipple Place, now known as Aronimink Gardens.

                A very gratifying feature of the development of DREXEL HILL is the return of former residents.  Mr. William C. Patterson, formerly of Maple Avenue, has bought close to $30,000 worth of property on State Road, where he will soon be occupying a new home.  Mr. Washington Cope, formerly a resident of Turner Avenue, is going to build on Woodland Avenue.


 Homes Like These Make Drexel Hill Delightful
Let’s All Boost for a Bigger and Better DREXEL HILL
Harry W. Koch


2021 SPRING EVENTS at the
Colonial Plantation!

Spring fever will be upon us soon enough! We are asking Mother Nature for a beautiful spring so we can all be safely outside and enjoy history, nature and our exciting spring activities! The Plantation reopens on Saturday, March 27th! Free member reservations and tickets are available online now! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to some new programming and new additions to the Plantation!
March 27th-Opening Day
Join us on Saturday, March 27th for the opening of our 48th season. There will be hearth cooking, woodworking, long rifle demonstrations, spinning, weaving, working with flax, colonial music, candle making and seed planting. The ox will be yoked and the horse harnessed so some farm work can be completed.
April 10th-Historic Timeline
Join the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation as you travel through over 300 years of American history. Come and meet our earliest settlers and then travel to the Civil War on up to the Second World War.
Sunday Story Time-New this year! Join us the third Sunday of every month from 12:00pm until 2:00pm, we will be reading from a children's book, the children will then do a hands on activity, go on a behind the scenes farm tour and then you are welcome to picnic in our grove! Children will also receive an activity book to take home! Member reservations and tickets may be purchased on our website.

April 18th-How a Shirt Grew in the Field
May 16th-Homespun Sarah
June 20th-The Pen that Pa Built
July 18th-Charlie Needs a Cloak
April 24th-Slavery & Servitude in Colonial Pennsylvania
Come and see how work was accomplished on our farm. This will be a day for children and adults alike. There will be hands on activities such as candle making and planting in the garden. Ned Hector will address slavery in the colony with his “Imaginary discussion with George Washington”. This 1:00 presentation is designed for grades 3 and up.
As well as a discussion on slavery, our volunteers will portray indentured servants, redemptioners, cottagers and poor free laborers. The blacksmith, rumored to have been a convict in his youth, will make and repairs items for the farm. Women will spin and knit to make some extra funds for their Quaker households. The farmers will take part in demonstrating a working ox and horse. It promises to be an educational enjoyable experience.
May 8th & 15th-Sheep Shearing & Textiles
Come and see our rare breed sheep lose their fleece. We will have Eva Mergen, one of our farmers, explain how to shear and then demonstrate the skill by using hand shears. We will also have people demonstrating most of the steps for turning that wool into cloth for clothing, and visitors will have an opportunity to card wool. We will explain how to care for sheep, what they eat, and the advantages of various breeds. There will also be a chance to learn about our other farm animals including our horses, ox, pigs, chickens, geese, and turkeys. There will be hearth cooking, garden, farm, and house tours. Check website for shearing times. Enjoy a day in the country that is very close to home.

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