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Essington orgies!!! Tinicum was the partying place for Phila. and Delco a 120 years ago.

 I was very lucky a number of years ago to get some glass plates of Tinicum from c.1900. This one I do not know the location and I have posted it before. It says "Smith's Landing". I have looked at maps, talked to people but still can't come up with a location in Tinicum. Any help would be appreciated.

Essington Orgies!! Baseball, gambling, drinking and??

Note: Tinicum was the place to party 120 years. Technically an island, it was the place to go for gambling, Sunday baseball etc. The problems went on for years till it was finally stopped by enforcement raids by Delaware County and Philadelphia in 1906. Below is an article about some of the problems.

CHESTER TIMES – August 16, 1904


 Paper Now Receiving Signers for a Legal Movement Against the Invasion of Tinicum Island by the Hordes of Sabbath Desecrators, Whose Debauchery Has Aroused the Residents to Action to Protect Themselves Against Scenes of Indecency and Drunkenness in Which the Visitors Indulge – Threats Made Against People in the Crusade

            The residents of Essington are again up in arms against the continued invasion almost every Sunday of an undesirable class of people from Philadelphia, who assemble on Smith’s field, near the tracks of the Southwestern line of the Chester Traction Company and make the Sabbath Day hideous with their orgies.

            Postmaster A.M. Diehl, ex-Justice of the Peace Charles Seiberling, George B. Reynolds, proprietor of the Yacht Restaurant, and other prominent and substantial citizens of Essington began yesterday to get up a petition praying the Court to instruct the officers of the law to live up to their duties, alleging that last Sunday when a crowd of five hundred or more people from the lower precincts of Philadelphia and Chester were violating the law in various ways, the officers of Essington, instead of making any attempt to stop the all-day disturbances, cohorted in a certain degree with the lawbreakers.

            CRAP SHOOTERS IN EVIDENCE – The above gentlemen claim that a number of crap shooters, who were plying their nefarious game along the public highway, were told by the constable to get out of sight behind the bushes along the road.  They further allege that an official, ever accommodating in his manner, hired teams for the conveyance of the crowds from the trolley lines to the scene of the Sabbath Day desecration.  It is also claimed that one of the county officials was also in the vicinity, but made no attempt to make any arrests.

            The head signers of the proposed petition also allege that a full-fledged bawdy house is conducted in a boat house in the locality of Smith’s field, and that among the patrons of the place are well known residents of Essington.

            BASEBALL IN FULL SWING – Among the various attractions on Sunday was a game of baseball between a team managed by Lew Bailey, called the Broadway Club and the National Club the aggregations being composed of pugilists, who find contests on the diamond a pleasant diversion from the slugging that is necessarily infused in the manly art.

            A large number of lewd women were numbered in the Philadelphia crowd and the language that was used by both sexes was unfit to hear by the Essington people who found it necessary to pass the high carnival to and fro from services in the Essington Protestant Episcopal Mission.

            Mr. Reynolds had to secure assistance from neighbors to eject four intoxicated women from the porch of his Yacht Restaurant.  The women finding the porch a refreshing place to sleep off their booze, highly resented the attempts made to remove them and the language used was of the foulest character, being mingled with oaths.

            During the baseball game, a fierce fight ensued between the rooters, one of whom picked up a bat and struck his opponent over the head.  The man lay unconscious on the ground for several minutes.  Other quarrels took place and the air was filled with oaths and ribald talk.

            A GAMBLING DEN – Another place that the people of Essington will file complaint against is the headquarters of a local club not a thousand yards from the railroad station, where it is alleged a gambling den and drinking hole exists.  Sunday is a big day at this place and one walking along the road when the excitement is at its height can hear such remarks as

            “I raise you ten.”

            “I’ll see you.”

            “Let’s have another drink.”

            “Make mine a dark beer,” and other talk of a like character, which pollute the care of the good people of Essington, who are tired of being compelled to put up with this sort of thing and have decided to take the bull by the horns by bringing the attention to Judge Johnson to the Sabbath Day disorder.

            THREATS ARE MADE – The Sunday desecrations boldly enter Charles Seiberling’s pasture field and milk his cows.  He made complaint once, but was told that if “he made too much of a holler” his cows would be all poisoned.

            It is estimated that eleven beer wagons, hailing from Philadelphia and Chester, make weekly trips to Essington and that the beverage is stored ready for Sunday distribution in a boat house along Darby creek and above Essington.

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