Sunday, November 1, 2020

Delco Post Office Names how many do you know??? Take the test


This greenhouse/ florist was in Yeadon Boro. Looking for a location and current address. Thanks Keith

Name origins of Delco Post Offices

     I was surprised at the interest in Delaware County Townships names and their origins. Many towns in Delco have names that came from odd circumstances and some very simple. Below is a list of Delco Post Offices in south central Delco and how they got their name. See how many you can figure out. I will post the answers later.

What town is named for a lake?

What town is named for a girl’s school?

What town is named for the “pretty leafy fields?

What town is named for a hill?

A man named a town for the pretty land and the maiden name of the grandmother who raised him?

What town is named for the home of George Fox in England?

What town was named by the post master who named the town after himself?

What town is named for a best selling book about an actor?

 What town is named for a U.S. Presidents wife? Her maiden name?

All of the above towns are post offices today, how many can you name?

I posted this Greenhouse last week and a number of people identified it as Manoa Rd. in Haverford Twp. I'm looking for an EXACT location not just an intersection. Looking for an address and what is there now. With old pictures you need to be exact so future generations understand exactly where it was. Thanks 

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