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Upper Darby Twp selected as "model twp." Lincoln Banner restored!!

The original Upper Darby 69th Street Trolley Station about 1910 shortly after it was built. Note the horse and wagon in the picture.

Note: The Chester Times selected Upper Darby Twp. as the "Delco Model Twp." for all the improvements the Twp. was making 110 years ago!! At a time when Upper Darby and most of Delco were still farms some of the "model improvements" are very funny! Please read!! DCHS has restored the Abraham Lincoln Banner used by him in Media when he was running for president in 1860. Pictures are below, a great piece of Delco History Saved!!


Mounted Police Appointed and Plans for Installing Lights and Fire Plugs Underway

                Within a few weeks the township of Upper Darby will have municipal improvements which will keep pace with the progress of that rapidly growing district.  These improvements will consist of street lighting police protection and fire protection.  At the meeting of the Commissioners on Tuesday evening at the Fernwood Mansion at Fernwood, four policemen were appointed who will go on duty in a few weeks, giving the people in the different towns in the township proper police protection.  The officers will be mounted and will wear uniforms similar to those of the police of Lower Merion Township.  The officers will receive $80 per month, but they must buy and keep their own horse out of their salaries.
                The Commissioners also made arrangements to install an electrical bureau over Davis drug store in Fernwood, where a thorough police and fire alarm system will be located.  This system will be installed by the Bell Telephone Company, and an operator will be on duty at all times.
                TO LIGHT THE HIGHWAYS – At a former meeting of the Commissioners contracts were awarded for the installation of electric and street lighting throughout the township, and street lighting throughout the township, and the two companies which have the contracts are now busily engaged in erecting the electric light poles, stringing the necessary wires and the gas company is putting in iron posts for Welsbach gas lights.  Fire hydrants will also be installed within a short time.
                The meeting was presided over by President Joel B. Jones, and Messrs. Frank Shee, John Taylor Wolfenden, William Shepley and George Wadas, members of the Board of Commissioners were present.  A. F. Damon, Jr., of Darby, was elected township engineer.  This is also a new office.  All these things go to prove that Upper Darby has a well-governed municipality with men at the helm who are wide awake and alive to what is needed for the people.  To accomplish these improvements has cost the Commissioners many hours of mental labor and they are being complimented for their service by the taxpayers of the township.
                The officers appointed are:  Tomas Duffin of Fernwood; John Leighton of Garrettford; William Wogeman of Cardington and Daniel Logue of Keystone.

1860 Lincoln Banner Update!
Dear Friend of DCHS,

We hope this message finds you and your family well. At a time when we are all inundated with troubling news, DCHS is pleased to share a few positive updates with our friends.
Thanks to the hundreds of supporters, DCHS is thrilled to announce that our financial goal for the restoration of the 1860 Lincoln Campaign Banner has been reachedLaunched on President’s Day weekend of 2019, our fundraising and awareness campaign sought to raise the funds required to fund a long overdue and urgent restoration of our presidential campaign banner used by Abraham Lincoln right here in Delaware County during his 1860 and 1864 campaigns. Below is a photo of the delicate banner as it stands today.
 The goals of the Lincoln banner project are not only to restore and preserve the banner for future generations, but to also make it accessible to the public by displaying it at the Historical Society. All of us at DCHS greatly appreciate each and every one who contributed to this important project. The banner will be sent to a historical restoration company in September and we plan to unveil it to the public in early 2021, once we have reached our preservation goal.
The mission at DCHS is to collect, protect, and preserve the shared history of Delaware County and its people. The banner is one of the most unique and cherished artifacts of our County and of our Country, and we thank you for your support in helping us fulfill our mission and beyond.
As a community, we are currently experiencing greater resonance in the importance of family and history. History is the road from where we’ve come, a road map of the present moment and the foundation and truths we need to understand to build a better future.
During these difficult times, funding from our friends and donors is so very valuable, even crucial, for the continuation of our work. Please consider donating to DCHS, either online at or by mail.
 Despite the fact that our (physical) doors are closed, DCHS is continuing to work diligently to bring history to life through a new video series showcasing items from our collections, as well as a Covid-19 Memorial time capsule project, which we will be launching this Summer. "Recollections of the COVID 19 Pandemic" will share experiences, memories, lessons learned, emotions, and more, from our community residents all of whom have been deeply impacted by this unprecedented event in history.
When DCHS reopens to the public, we hope you will visit our Research Library, Museum Gallery, and our Children's Education Center or attend an event. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected and updated with us online via Facebook, Instagram (@padelcohistory), and our website.

From all of the staff, board members, and volunteers at DCHS, we send our care and wishes for your safety. Thank you for your dedication in protecting local history.

Laurie J. Grant, Executive Director

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