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Essington Co-operative Evangelistic Society vs the bad guys !! Newtown talk

This glass plate negative is from about 1905. It is from a group of glass negatives I bought a number of years ago. I have no idea where this building is in Tinicum and what it was used for. Looking for some help.

NOTE: From the 1890's till prohibition kicked in in 1919, Tinicum Twp. was the place to party. Gambling, all night parties, women etc. especially along the Darby Creek boathouses, kept local police, sheriffs etc. busy especially during the summers.


 Regardless of Jeers Co-operative Evangelistic Society Continues Gospel Services
Moral suasion has won the first skirmish in the campaign against rum and vice in Essington’s boathouse colony.

Despite the jeers, taunts and ridicule, heaped on the moral forces when they began the campaign last Tuesday, officials of the Essington Co-operative Evangelistic Society asserted yesterday that the lawless element is weakening.
“We are beginning to note a change in the actions of the midnight revelers,” James Taylor, president of the society, said.
“Strange as it may seem, the revival meeting that we are holding every night in the old quarantine station are exercising an influence over the rowdy element.
“Perfect order has existed for the last two nights, and if Sunday is quiet, we will celebrate a victory.  Our cause is gaining strength among the townspeople and every day brings new recruits.
“The meetings have served to arouse civic pride and have stirred the citizens to action.  After standing for the antics and immoral actions of certain members of the boathouse colony for years, the townspeople have determined to uproot the evils.
“There was only one solution, namely, to band the Christian people together for civic and religious service.  We are teaching the young girls and moral lepers who entice them to the camps the error of their lives.
“Christian brotherhood is more powerful than the mailed list.” 
Aside from the immorality in many of the camps, Taylor charges that rum is sold openly on Sunday and carted from a bottling establishment to the camps in the afternoon.  Among the charges made against the colony by Taylor are the following:
That in three of the houses women from the Philadelphia tenderloin promenade about the grounds garbed in flimsy nightgowns.
That men wearing union suits embrace women and treat them to beer and whisky on the cottage verandas in plain view of children, who are attracted to the colony by the noise.
That on last Sunday an old man walked about the colony carrying a 16-year-old girl in his arms.  Both were clad in light summer underwear.
“We have witnessed scenes so vile in character that no newspaper could print them,” Taylor said.
Essington, according to Taylor, has become so famous as a rendezvous for values have been greatly reduced.
“Many men,” he said, “not wishing to rear their children in such an immoral atmosphere, have moved away, but we will change conditions.”

THE WOMEN OF PENN’S WOODSWednesday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m.

The Newtown Square Historical Society invites you to our monthly program on Wednesday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Newtown Township Building to hear Robyn Young speak on honoring some of the great women in Pennsylvania’s history.

Pennsylvania marks its most important historic sites with blue and gold commemorative markers, and local historian Robyn Young had been working for years in seeking approvals from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for 21 roadside markers to honor the accomplishments of the women of Pennsylvania.
Her program includes a slideshow of photos of the historical markers, their locations, and the women who are honored. Young will discuss these important women who were scientists, artists, doctors, and suffragists. Her book, Women in Penn's Woods: A History of Women in Pennsylvania will be available for purchase after the program.
All programs are held at the Newtown Township Building, 209 Bishop Hollow Rd, Newtown Square, PA 19073 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free. Refreshments are served.
Come out and meet your history minded neighbors and learn and be entertained

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