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Media Bathing Place and Haverford Twp. Holiday House Tour


A postcard of Broomall Lake in Media from about 1906


NOTE: Parks and recreation were very important a 100 years ago as today and Media was no exception, Read Below



Proposition of J. Lord Rigby to Council Approved by the General Public

The proposition made by J. Lord Rigby to Media Borough Council last Wednesday evening to purchase Broomall’s Lake, and some land surrounding it for a public bathing place and park, and which was explained in full on Thursday’s issue of the Times, has awakened the greatest interest in Media.  On all sides it has been commented upon, and there has been very little opposition to the measure.  In fact, no one has come out as absolutely against the plan, but a few people have expressed themselves as rather favoring a plan by which the Lake would be held by private owners and left open to the public under restrictions.
For those who may not have read the article in Thursday’s issue of the paper, the plan is this:  A number of citizens of Media have taken up the matter, have looked into the possibility of purchasing the property and of getting a release from the club which now holds a lease upon it, and at the meeting of council last Wednesday these citizens, represented by Mr. Rigby, asked council to purchase the lake, which covers several acres of ground, and a strip of land near it.  They proposed if council did not feel that the borough is in position, financially, to purchase at this time,, that if council would take favorable action they will purchase the property and is ready to buy, when they will dispose of it to the borough at the cost to them.
In the meantime, they will, at their own expense, have a shallow swimming pool built in the upper end of the lake for the use of children of the borough, this work to be done as soon as the money would be subscribed.
THE ONE THING LACKING – This plan would give to Media the one thing it lacks to make it a beautiful home town.  There is now no park in Media, and among the beauties of the county seat there should be such a place.  There are few places which have the natural beauty of this tract of ground.  To the west of the lake is a high hill, while on other sides are strips of woodland which could at very little expense as compared to the result be converted into a beautiful park with a waterfall, driveways, shady groves, and one of the most beautiful bodies of fresh water in the county.
At this time , rough as is one of the favorite places in Media for Sunday strolls; and Lemon Street which traverses a large part of it, would be one of the principal thoroughfares if the park plan carries.  Then too, the proposition carries with it the plan to have a playground in the park, which would be given an opportunity to romp in the woods and fields

Haverford Township Holiday House Tour

December 8th from 1 to 4 pm

12th Annual House Tour. This Historical Society fundraiser has been a great success in past years. Mark your calendars for this great holiday event. Please call Terri Dougherty for ticket information or questions at 610-449-1571 or email at


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