Monday, October 14, 2019

Legion Library for Norwood and Norwood Talk this Thursday October 17th!!


The Wesley Cross Legion Post on Cleveland Ave. in Norwood. The Library started here in 1925 backed by the Legion members

NOTE: Like many other early libraries, Norwood was open just one day a week. Early libraries relied heavily on local residents to donate books to the library for others to read. I will be giving a talk this Thursday, October 17 at 7pm. Please come!!


John Wesley-Cross Post Inaugurates New Civic Enterprise

          John Wesley Cross Post, American Legion, always first and foremost in matters of civic betterment, has organized a public library which will be thrown open to the public for the first time on Tuesday evening of next week.  The library is to be located in the Legion building on Cleveland Avenue and each Tuesday evening will be open from 7 to 8 o’clock in order to give the residents an opportunity to take out books.
          The library will be under the supervision of a joint committee of the Post and its Auxiliary and there will be both a Legion and Auxiliary member on duty each evening the library is opened.  The rules formulated by the Committee will permit any resident taking out a library card upon filling out an application stating a willingness to comply with the rules and be responsible to the extent of the payment of $1.00 for any books not returned. In the case of minors this responsibility to be assumed by the parent or some adult.  Books may be kept out for a period of two weeks after which time a charge of one cent per day will apply.
The above article is from May 1925 the one below is from October of 1926

The public library which was opened last summer by John Wesley Cross Post No. 507, American Legion now contains over 1000 volumes and has over 150 residents of the community taking out books.
          Most of the books have been received from residents of the borough.
          The library is free and anyone may become a member by filling out an application card.
          There is a very good assortment of books both for adults and children, and may be kept out for a period of two weeks after which a charge of one cent a day is assessed.
          The Library is open each Tuesday evening from 7 to 5 o’clock, and is located in the Legion Headquarters on Cleveland avenue north of Chester Pike.
          Those having books which they desire to donate to the library are requested to notify any member of the committee and they will be called for.
          The committee includes:  William Y. Irwin, C. R. Moore, W. L. Paul, Harvey Sparks, Harry White, Mrs. George F. Cassell, Miss Catherine Cross, Mrs. Wilson Grant, Mrs. W. L. Paul, and Mrs. Clara Roy.

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