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Tully Golf Course and Slinky Historical Marker

The above aerial view shows a little part of the Tully Golf Course that included the putting greens. The parking lot and white building are still standing and many of you pass it everyday especially on Sunday. Any guesses? You will be surprised where it is.


Note: Starting with the Springhaven Golf Club, golf courses began to pop up everywhere in the 1920's in Delaware Co. Most of the courses are still here but some like Ridley Park, Glendale and Tully are no longer with us. The Tully Golf Course in Darby Twp. was unusual because it was owned by the Tully Memorial Church in Sharon Hill. It closed about 1950. Anyone who caddied there, I would like to talk to get a rough idea of the layout of the course which covered the Briarcliffe section of Darby Twp.

CHESTER TIMES – April 29, 1925


Tully Memorial Congregation to Play Golf by July 4

          Grading work and other detail necessary in providing a country club and golf course, which is the plan of the Tully Memorial Church, Sharon Hill, is progressing rapidly and Rev. Alexander Mackie, pastor of the Sharon Hill Presbyterian edifice, hopes to have the recreational center opened on July 4.
          The proposed golf grounds are located at Ashland Avenue and Academy Road, Darby Township.  The plot, which is owned by the church, comprises forty-seven acres.  The grading of the grounds is now under way.
          The plan was developed by Rev. Mackie and as was first told in the Times several months ago, it is intended to open the clubhouse and course at a small fee to members of the congregation and to residents of the Sharon Hill section.
          “We purchased an old farm a short time ago near Glenolden,” Dr. Mackie said today, “to see what could be done best to interest the people of our church in out-of-door life.
          “I believe it is the function of a church to minister to the physical as well as to the spiritual needs of humanity,” he said.
          According to Dr. Mackie, it is the first attempt on the part of a church and congregation to effect the building of a golf course as a part of the church program, although the Episcopal Church of Saint Luke and the Epiphany, Philadelphia, several years ago, opened a church farm at Broomall, this county.
          The officers of the new club are as follows:  President, John G. Brainerd; vice president, W. H. Kirkpatrick; treasurer, H. C. Bock; secretary, John A. Smith.
          A golf course, a Baseball field and half a dozen tennis courts are to be made a part of the new center and later it is hoped to have a swimming pool built.  James Reid is in charge of the property at the present time.  It is planned to convert the old homestead on the grounds into a modern first-class clubhouse.
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