Sunday, December 9, 2018

Radnor Post Card Identified! Thanks Phil Graham

This postcard from 1908 of Wayne has been a mystery for years. I had no idea where it was and it is among unknown pictures on my website. Phil Graham of Radnor finally found it.

NOTE: I have over 4000 Delaware County postcards and a number are unidentified. I have some on my website on the pictures page. Please take a look. One mystery has been solved.

Unknown postcard view mystery solved

Keith: I think I may have identified this “unidentified” post card on your website. It’s not actually changed as much as you may think, though the stone walls have long gone. The actual property address is 699 King of Prussia Rd., formerly known as ‘Brookhurst’, and although Google Maps are a couple of years out of date (so it’s hard to see the pond in the center) the pond has very recently been dredged, making today's view much more the way it was. I passed by there today, and I suddenlly twigged! Here’s a link that shows the spot from the road. The 1900 map (attached below where American Ave. is now called Berwind Ave.) shows the pond, and stream that feeds it, next to the driveway entrance. The post card shot would have been taken a few yards up the driveway looking back at that bend ahead on KoP Rd:

If I get a chance I’ll drive in there and take a shot from the correct angle.

Best regards,

Phil Graham.

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