Friday, November 9, 2018

The new town of Bywood in Upper Darby and a Swedish Xmas!!

With new developments came new schools to take acre all of the new students. Above is an interior picture of a corridor at the then new Bywood School from c.1925



                Bywood, one of the new and rapidly growing substantial residential sections of Upper Darby Township, is having sixty more attractive detached stone houses erected.  These new houses are being built by P. J. Lawler, who was among the first to build up Bywood.
                The new operation will mean an investment of $100,000.  Lawler has just completed forty houses in Bywood, and the new ones will be of the same type.  The houses are of a distinct design and built for real home life, having every convenience, and built on filbertine streets.
                Mr. Lawler expects to finish the new houses before winter sets in.  At the same time, he is going to extend the operation over the entire tract which he purchased.  During the winter months, he will make the necessary excavations and grades for new streets in Bywood, upon which he will build many houses next spring.
                Bywood is one of the convenient suburbs to Philadelphia, being close to the Sixty-Ninth Street Terminal, being the first station out from the terminal, and it is twenty minutes from the City Hall, Philadelphia.  The Merion Realty has also erected 39 fine houses at Bywood, adjoining the Lawler operation, and this concern is still building more.
                SECTION DEVELOPING FAST – There is little doubt that the district in Upper Darby Township, beginning at Sixty-Third and Market Streets, running westward, is bound to be a great new residential section which will house thousands of Philadelphians.
                In order to keep up with the rapid progress of Bywood, Stonehurst and other sections in the neighborhood of Sixty-Ninth Street Terminal, P. J. Lawler, has determined that the rapid influx of people shall be permanent, and that the new comers must have every convenience and pleasure.
                In order to do this, Mr. Lawler is building an immense fire proof theatre building at the corner of West Chester Road and Garrett Road which will seat 2,000 people.  This building will be four stories high.  There will be on either side large stores, and it will cost more than one million dollars.  The foundations for this mammoth structure are now in course of erection.  This great building will not be completed for at least nine months or a year.
                SCHOOL PROBLEM LOOMS – The great building development in the township, with the rapid influx of people, has caused much concern for the commissioners of the township as well as the school directors.
                The school question has been a serious problem, but the school directors are going to meet this important issue squarely in the face.
                The township has already built a new high school building at Lansdowne Avenue, but now comes the need for a grammar school, and the school directors have purchased three acres or more of land in the neighborhood of Long Lane and Garrett Road upon which will be built a school house of commodious size to care for the children of Bywood and the McGlatchey tract, now known as Stonehurst.  The people of the township will be asked to approve a bond issue of $200,000 at the November election to provide funds for the erection of the new school referred to as well as an addition to the Drexel Hill which was built about four years ago.
                The township commissioners are also in quandary – the constructions of roads and extension of sewers.  The progress has been a fast that the commissioners may find that some means must be found for financing the improvements which must be made.

God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar


Come celebrate the holidays Swedish Style at the Trim-A-Swedish-Christmas-Tree Party.   The event takes place at the historic Swedish Cabin located at 9 Creek Road, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 on Sunday, December 2ND, 2018 from 2 PM until 4 PM. 
  Admission is free but donations are always appreciated.   The Friends of the Swedish Cabin invite you to attend a real special event of this holiday season.  They will have Swedish holiday food from their Julbord, beverages, decorations, and Swedish Christmas music!  Help decorate the Christmas tree, Julgran, with apples, heart baskets and straw ornaments.  Tour the cabin
and warm yourself by a roaring fire. Toast marshmallows over the fire!  And shop for gifts at our Butiken, too!   It's fun for all ages!  Start your Christmas Season by stepping back in time with this very special event!   

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