Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Baseball in Darby 98 years ago Part 2


This hand colored glass plate picture is from my collection. The title says Farmhouse on Darby Creek in Darby. Looking for help and a location



                A baseball game at Darby yesterday was halted in the early stages of the contest when Chief of Police Clark back up by a score of armed police after listing names of the players ordered the teams from the field.
                State police headed by Lieutenant Smith, and a delegation of deputy sheriffs in charge of Sheriff A. R. Granger stood in readiness to aid the Darby police in the event of trouble.   It had been rumored that baseball was not to be interfered with, or there would be trouble.
                Feeling in Darby is bitter as a result of the Sunday baseball question.  This was demonstrated yesterday when a crowd of fans hooted a reporter whose paper, fans claim, championed the cause of the church people opposing Sunday playing.
                Yesterday’s game was between the Delco team and Cramp’s Champions of Philadelphia.  The game had progressed only an inning and a half when Chief of Police Clark put in appearance.  The policeman called the managers and informed them that he was acting under instructions of Burgess Grayson and was going to stop the game.
                When uniformed State police and deputy sheriffs standing about the managers after some discussion called the teams from the field.
                Warrants will be sworn out today for the baseball players and hearings will be held sometime later in the week.  On the other hand the baseball fans have promised to retaliate by issuing warrants for the arrest of golf players and some of the church who drove to services in their machines yesterday.  The fans claim that automobile riding is a violation of the Old Blue laws and in the same class as baseball.

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