Tuesday, August 28, 2018

World War One training, in Upper Darby?? and cemetery tour

This very rare photo of Camp A. Merritt Taylor is from 101 years ago this month. It shows the Third Pennsylvania Regiment having a workout. The houses on the left hand side are on todays Burmont Rd. in the area of School La. In 1917 the area was known as Drexel Heights. The camp was held on the Arthur Garrett Estate.

Chester Historical Preservation Committee

Guided tour at Chester Rural Cemetery

16 September (Sunday) 2018

Time: 2:00 P.M.

Length: 60 Minute walking tour (comfortable walking shoes recommended)
World War I Centennial Commemorated at Chester Rural Cemetery
November 11, 2018 will mark the centennial of the end of World War I. It has been claimed that the enduring legacy of this war "shaped the social, military, and political fabric of the 20th century." Of paramount importance in commemorating this major historical event is the supreme sacrifice of our nation’s citizenry either through serving in her military or joining the civilian ranks to support the war effort through business, commerce, and support service venues.

The main focus of this tour at Chester Rural Cemetery will highlight some individuals of Chester and environs who had a significant role to play throughout the war effort. Visitation to their final places of repose will remind the living that these individuals were real people who contributed in their own way to the ultimate victory of the United States of America and her allies.

This tour will be given by J. Joseph Edgette, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and Folklorist Emeritus, Widener University.

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  1. Pretty cool blog you've got here. Very interesting. I grew up in Delco and live here on Burmont Rd presenly, about a block from School La. Trying to picture where the field would've been in the photo here.