Thursday, February 8, 2018

Scanning, protecting and sharing family pictures


No one is perfect. I copied this picture years ago and never wrote down what church it was from. I hope one of you recognizes this church and can tell me where it is, THANKS

Make time for Family History!!

   Going thru old family pictures can be fun and confusing, when was this picture, where and who are they? Family or friends?
    Scanning photographs and preserving them is very important. Photoshop can only do so much. Pre 1900 photos all need to be scanned and identified!! Time to visit grand mom!!
   Organizing the pictures by family, aunts, uncles and nieces and nephews will help future generations understand their family history.
    Local history is just as important. Scanning and protecting and identification must be done. I have scanned over 4000 pictures from my collection and just scanned another 15 yesterday, Still have lots to go. As a non typist, identification is boring but must be done. Delaware County has changed a lot in the last 75 years and pictures capture that moment better than anything else. In my collection, about 25 percent of my pictures are unrecognizable except by me. I have identified them, but people still shake their heads asking, WHERE is this? I have begun taking after pictures to help future generations understand.
  This is so important, IDENTIFICATION. One of my history buddies, from another county, had one of the finest collections of his counties history. Books, photos etc. He died very suddenly. Sadly family and friends found he had never done the boring stuff. Identification. Many of his 19th century pictures were not identified and he was the only one that knew where they where. It was sad to see history lost because he never took the time to write down the who and where of local and family history. It is so important to your family and future generations.
  A lady I know did the smart thing, she scanned and identified lots of her family pictures, then put then in order by date and put them in a file. Then she made copies of the file and put them on cds and gave them to her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Now her entire family has the family history they need and hopefully want.
  Please make the time!!

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