Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Converting Slides, VHS Tapes, 8mm Film to a digital format

Good friend and history buddy, Charles LaMaitre, converts slides, VHS tapes, 8mm film etc. to a digital format. He has done work for me and for several local historical societies, including Aston Twp. He does very nice work. He can be contacted at the email below
2018                                  Film Services:
VHS to DVD           (2-hours)                                                                               $ 21.00
Slides/Negatives to digital file format                                                                     .65 ea.
Large Format Negatives/Slides                                                                                 .85 ea.
8mm/Super8mm transferred to DVD    (50 foot  or 3” inch reel)                     8.00
             (8mm/S8mm are digitized using scanning equipment, frame by frame)

Phototographic  Prints   (photo paper, glossy, 10.5mil)
                             (From digital files, phones, any image requiring printing)
                            8x10                                                                      $     4.00
                            8x12                                                                             4.50
                           11x14                                                                           7.00
                           11x16                                                                           7.50
                           16x20                                                                         11.00
                           16x24                                                                         11.75
                           18x24                                                                         13.00
                           20x24                                                                         16.00
                           24x36                                                                         21.00

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