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Trainer Boro made automobiles 115 years ago


The 600 block of Main St. in Trainer looking west c. 1900


NOTE Some 115 years ago many businesses were trying to cash in on the "new" automobile craze. For about 7 years cars were made in Trainer Boro.


Fournier-Searchmont Company

of Trainer

            Negotiations are pending and it is believed that when the Chester Times is issued tomorrow it will be possible to announce the fact that No. 2 mill at Trainer has been leased and that it will be placed in operation as an automobile factory, and that there will be at least 200 hands employed.
            For some time past several Philadelphia and New York capitalists have been looking around for a favorable location for their business and finally got in communication with T. Woodward Trainer and for several days past the negotiations have been on.  This afternoon there will be a meeting of those interested and it will be definitely decided whether the plant will be installed at Trainer.  Those in charge of the enterprise feel confident that there will be something definite done in the matter at the meeting and the outcome will be watched with the utmost confidence by the residents in the vicinity of the mills.
            A CRACK MACHINE – The company which it is supposed will locate at the mill is known as the Fournier-Searchmont Company, and for some time past its plant has been located at 1230 Orkney Street, Philadelphia, but on account of the great increase in business it has been found necessary to secure more commodious quarters, and for that reason the officers have been looking around and finally decided on the mills at Trainer, and if satisfactory terms can be arranged between the company and those in charge of the property, the plant will go to Trainer No. 2 mill
            In the construction of the machines there will be a number of skilled mechanics and there will also be a number of boys employed, but in the greater portion of the work it will require men, and only those who are skilled will be employed.
            MORE HOUSES NEEDED – In the vicinity of Trainer it is rumored that the new company has been buying up a large plot of ground and that it is the intention to erect a number of new houses for the use of their employees, as for some time there has been a scarcity of houses in the village.  A short time ago there were many empty houses, but many of the employees in the iron mills in the western section of the city have found it impossible to secure homes in Chester and for that reason they have gone down to Trainer.
            In speaking of the probable action which will be taken at the meeting this afternoon one of those interested in the project said that he could say but little about it, but in his opinion he thought it would be a go, and that the lease would be closed.
            Those who are interested in the company are principally from Philadelphia and New York and it is asserted that there will be no local capital invested, but at the same time if the meeting should result as expected it will be a great boom to the industries of Chester and its vicinity.
            The older residents of Trainer have felt rather despondent since the Trainer mills were closed down and the prospect of another industry being started I their stead has given them encouragement.
            The Fournier-Searchmont automobile has proven to be one of the most popular machines in the world.  It has made great records for speed and endurance and has had a wide sale.  Its motive power is the gasoline engine.    

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