Friday, October 6, 2017

The William Price Project aka Rose Valley


Boating on Ridley Creek was a popular past time in Rose Valley 100 years ago




 Sale of the Osborne Mill and Houses is Consummated

The sale of the old Osbourne Mil and houses at Rose Valley was consummated yesterday when the deed was placed on record.  This deed was made by the Pennsylvania Company for Insurance of Lives, and Edward H. Coates, executors of the estate of Gustavus English to William L. Price, an architect, who has an office at 731 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.  One of the Price boys has already moved to Rose Valley and has already moved to rose Valley and taken up his abode in the old Osborne domicile, and has begun extensive repairs.  The price named in the deed is $80000, which added to the thirty-five or forty acres purchased along the creek a few days ago, which was mentioned in the Times will give ample ground for the improvements the new owners have I view.
   Exactly what will be done in the way of improvements is not known.  It is a public fact, however, that the three blocks of two houses each will be turned into three houses and fitted up. The other six houses will be turned into dormitories.
This summer sketch classes from the Philadelphia Art School are to be entertained, and it is said that there are to be lectures and musical concerts given after all the improvements are made.  It is also said that a portion of the old mill, which is used now as aw bobbin factory, will be used to manufacture fine antique furniture.
A. B. Geary, who represents the purchasers, when seen at the Court House yesterday afternoon would not talk about the purchase or what is to be done at this once prosperous manufacturing place.
The supposition is that a corporation is to be formed and the property used for some manufacturing purpose.

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  1. Thanks for the great post re Rose Valley. The Rose Valley Museum opens on October 28th to celebrate The Will Price project's last 116 years.