Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Media Club Opens 112 years ago

The Media Club at South and Baltimore Aves c.1908 was originally a club for Media's well to do

The Media Club Opens

    The Media Club, composed of many of the prominent business and professional men of the borough, gave a brilliant reception and housewarming last evening at its new clubhouse.
            The rooms were beautifully decorated with flowers and plants and brilliantly lighted by electricity.
            Oglesby’s Orchestra furnished music for dancing, which was indulged in from 10 to 13 o’clock.
            The building, which is located at the corner of South Avenue and Washington Street, with the lot upon which it stands, cost about $20,000.  It is nicely terraced in front and presents a very imposing appearance.      On the first floor is the parlor, reading room, card room and billiard room, and on the second floor is a large assembly room, retiring rooms and the culinary department of the club.
            There are no sideboards, neither are intoxicants allowed in the place, for the club believes in sociability without wine. It is also strictly non-partisan, its object being the social intercourse of the gentlemen of Media and vicinity.
            Since its organization, some five years ago, it has raised annually a relief fund which is regularly placed in the hands of the charitable ladies of Media, who place help where most needed.
            The initiation fee is $20, and the annual dues is $20.
            The dresses worn last evening were magnificent, some of them being imported direct from Paris for the occasion.  White was the predominating color.


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