Sunday, August 6, 2017

Unknown Picture and some ramblings

An unknown picture of Chester looking for some information

Note I posted another picture on the Chester Fb page, Chester then and now




  A few things on local history I would like to point out. A number of people have contacted me thru my website, looking for help and information, The only problem they never left an email, they just sign my guestbook. You can email me direct thru my website.
   If you are looking for historical talks, lectures, events etc. check out the FB page, Delaware County Historic Preservation network and join for updates etc.
 Help local history by joining and volunteering at you local society or historical site. HINT help is always needed. I'm always looking for typists.
  I'm also looking for some longtime residents of Concord, Birmingham aka Chadds Ford who can guide me around on a history project I'm doing. Give me an email

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