Friday, May 19, 2017

A view of the Sun Oil Plant from about 1918. In the old days a barrel plant was very important. Before big tankers and cisterns, barrels was the mode to transport oil.

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 Makes Big Addition to Its Marcus Hook Plant - Five New Buildings

            The Sun Company, refiners and exporters of oils, which has a large refinery.  Terminal at Marcus Hook, is erecting a large barrel factory at that place.  The new works will cost approximately $25,000.  The plant will consist of a main building 160 by 90 feet by 18 feet high, with a wing 90 by 70 feet, one story high of brick, structural iron and fireproof;’ a boiler and engine house 90 by 70 feet one story high, of the same material; one kiln of brick, 125 by 70 feet, two stories high, of bricks, structural iron and fireproofed; a large brick stack 100 feet high and one cooling house 70 by 70 feet.
            The new plant is situated along the lines of the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad, within one hundred yards of the Marcus Hook station.  It will furnish employment for 100 men.
            Work has been pushed rapidly on this plant and while it has only been a few weeks since the building operation was commenced the larger number of the buildings are ready for the roofs.  The improvement coming as it does just at this time when Marcus Hook is experiencing a boom that has never before been known in that borough is very gratifying to the residents.
            In addition to establishing this new plant at Marcus Hook, the Sun Company is also erecting a $10,000 building in its yard to be used for different purposes.  This building, which is situated at Second Street and Hewes Avenue, will be 110 by 160 feet by one story high.  It will be of brick, structural iron and will be fireproof.
            This new structure will be used as a pipe shop, tool shop, store room, steam shop and blacksmith shop.  The foundation has already been commenced.  The work will be pushed as rapidly as possible, as it is understood that the growing business of the Sun Company gives rise for the immediate need of the building.

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