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The Crozer Hospital in the distance and the Crozer Home for the Incurables in the foreground were originally two separate entities. A picture from about 1910.

NOTE: Several readers confused the Crozer Hospital with the Crozer Home for the Incurables. They were originally to separate units. In later years they merged together.
Articles below should be of interest. Keith
October 31, 1898 – CHESTER TIMES
            CORNERSTONE LAYING – Ceremony Connected With the Erection of the New Crozer Home – No Public Display Made
            The cornerstone of the Crozer Home for Incurables was laid on Saturday afternoon with a plain and simple ceremony that made it all the more impressive by its simplicity.
            The laying of the corner piece completed the foundations which are massive in proportions and give an idea of the solidity of the superstructure that is soon to rear its stately walls.  The joists for the first floor are all in place and when the surroundings are viewed from that height the beauty of the location is all the more apparent.  Woodland city and the broad expanse of the Delaware River stretch out before the eye, while within plain view is the ceaseless pulse of trade on the great trunk lines whose trains thunder through the county’s metropolis.
            THE COMPANY PRESENT – As no publicity was given to the proceedings only a few people were present.  They were:  Mrs. Mary Crozer, Samuel A. Crozer, R.H. Crozer, John P. Crozer, Mrs. Sallie Robinson, Gustavus W. Knowles, Mr. and Mrs. William G. Knowles, Mrs. Richard Stotesbury, Mrs. James Stotesbury, Rev. H.G. Weston, D.D., William B. Broomall, Esq., Mrs. Munger, Miss Munger, Miss Dora Weston, Rev. and Mrs. F. M. Taitt, Dr. E.H. Johnson, Miss Laura Hard, Mr. and Mrs. J. William Lewis, Professor and Mrs. A.W. Reynolds, Samuel T. Pretty, Rev. F. C. Woods, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Taylor, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Milton G. Evans, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Vedder, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Ingersoll, Miss Maud Votec.
            The homeopathic medical fraternity of Chester was well represented.  The physicians present were:  Dr. R. P. Mercer, Dr. Samuel Starr, Dr. C.W. Perkins, Dr. George W. Webster, Dr. Isaac Crowther, and Dr. D. P. Maddux.
CHESTER TIMES – May 30, 1902
            The Times presents to its readers today a prospectus of the handsome new Crozer Homeopathic Hospital, which is to be erected on the site adjoining the Crozer Home for Incurables on Seminary Hill.  The contract for the erection of this structure was awarded some days ago to the firm of J & T Oliver, contractors and builders of this city who have already staked out the ground and commenced operations on the excavations.
            The building is to be constructed of granite from the Leiper & Lewis quarries at Avondale, this county, and the main structure will be two stories high, with one story wings on the north and south elevations.  The first floor is devoted to the women’s surgical and medical wards, similar wards for men, reception room and office, a receiving room and headquarters for the head nurse.  The men’s and women’s wards are separated by a long, wide corridor extending the length of the building and communicating with the wings.
            The operating room, surgeon’s room, etherizing room, sterilizing room, recovery room and antiseptic hall are all in the north wing and will be handsomely finished and equipped for surgical and hospital purposes.  The wards are also supplied with accommodations for the nurses, linen closets, and all the necessary conveniences and accommodations.
            Particular attention has been paid to the ventilation and sanitary arrangements in the preparation of the plans and in this respect it will be one of the best institutions of the kind in the State, if not in the country.  No expense will be spared in the equipment and furnishing of the various wards and apartments.  The second floor will be occupied by private rooms and quarters for the doctors.
            Diet kitchens, bath rooms, toilet rooms and all such conveniences are provided for and cement and wooden floors where they are deemed most advisable from a sanitary point of view.  A tunnel will communicate to the Crozer Home and the new building will be heated by means of this arrangement from the adjoining structure.  The roof will be covered with red Spanish tiles and when completed the entire building will be a handsome monument to the late J. Lewis Crozer.


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  2. My husband was born there. I found its name to be amusing. Is "incurable" a synonym for someone with tuberculosis, aka consumption?

  3. My husband was born there. I found its name to be amusing. Is "incurable" a synonym for someone with tuberculosis, aka consumption? Or does it mean insanity?