Friday, April 28, 2017

50 years ago this Sunday a time to begin to recognize

The dedication of the then new and remodeled Ridley High School 50 years ago


Ridley Township/ Ridley High School

   I was just a sophomore in 1967 when the new Ridley High School was dedicated. I did not attend the dedication but was interested in history even then and made sure I grabbed a program. I still have my Ridley Township Junior High Student Handbook it is the only one I have ever seen in 50 years of collecting. Which brings me to todays topic. If you go to Eddystone which merged with Ridley Township in 1966 they have a room in their Community Hall full of Eddystone High School memorabilia, year books, pictures, trophies etc. Ridley Park in their Community Room next to Boro Hall have the same thing. Ridley Park High School founded in 1918 merged also with Ridley Township in 1966. Prospect Park and Norwood and Glenolden all have rooms dedicated to their old High Schools. Ridley Township has nothing, Founded in 1934 the school has no room or place that displays old school memorabilia.  And WHY not?
   Ridley Raiders deserve to have a place to honor all the great teams, athletes, scholars etc. from the past 83 years. In the current high school or the old school now the Ridley Community Center can't a room be found to display some of the great history of Ridley Township/ Ridley High School for future generations? I know of no High School in the  area that does not honor and recognize it's teams. scholars. etc. It is time for Ridley High School to join the club, they are long overdue.

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