Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Preservation needs a network! ASAP!!! Please read, share and join!!

Washington St. in Media during "rush hour" anyone know where Washington St. is??

Preserving history, especially local history is very hard. The work is long and tedious and BORING.  Unless you love history.  And many of us do. 

    Whether identifying old pictures, typing interviews or just indexing and organizing everything, the work can be a time consuming and repetitive. Of course knowing what to do and just knowing what is going on in Delaware County can be hard to find.  It would be nice to have someone to ask when you have questions.   
    Several years ago, a group of people who are involved in local preservation got together:  me – Keith Lockhart of Ridley Park, Doug Humes of Newtown Square, Angela Hewett of the Thomas Leiper House, Tony Shahan of the Newlin Grist Mill, Karen Micka of The Aston Twp. Historical Society, Rich Paul of the Delaware County Heritage Commission, Mary Ann Eves of Middletown Historical Society, and Cyndi Charney of the Upper Chichester Historical Society, and formed the Delaware County Historic Preservation Network. The basic idea is that we all face common issues and we should therefore all be talking and sharing our knowledge for the benefit of all of the history organizations in Delaware County.  
    We have a Facebook page and a mailing list, and we try to post or send out notices every day to our members. One of the first things we try to do is let everyone know what talks, lectures, tours, studies, open houses etc. are happening locally. We also try to alert people of special projects, studies, and exhibits in the area. We don’t claim any special expertise that others in the county don’t have – and so we welcome anyone to share with the group and post information and stories on our mailing list and Facebooks site, from preserving photographs to special projects or getting help with a project or genealogy.   Please check us out and contribute what you know, post up your history events, or ask questions of the group.  Someone is bound to have already found out the answer. 

For our Facebook page, go here:

To join our mailing list, go here:


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