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Delco Schools 125 years ago

This school still stands in Chester Heights Boro and is a day care center today in the 200 block of Llewellyn Rd.

Note: Below it says Delaware County has 236 schools, a school in the 1890's was a room with a teacher. For example a two room school house with 2 teachers was considered 2 schools.
What It Costs to Teach the Young Idea How to Shoot.
                There are 31 school districts in Delaware County and 236 schools.  They are taught by 18 Male and 226 female teachers, for which an average salary of $6,087 is paid to the males and $4,319 to the females.  Last year the total receipts of the districts, including $18,655.54 as State appropriation, was $276,445.34, of which $258,090.60 were expended.  Of this amount the teachers received $100,215.78, new buildings and improvements cost $64,070.14, and fuel, collectors’ fees and other expenses cost $93,780.67.  The number of boys enrolled last year was 6,067; girls, 5,987, or 12,054 pupils in all, with an average attendance of 7,708.  The cost per scholar per month was $1.17.
                Chester City has 65 schools, 2 male teachers and 63 female teachers.  The number boys enrolled is 1,583; girls, 1,735, of a total of 2,260, with an average attendance of 90 per cent.  The total receipts last year were $64,457.69 (of which $6,036.02 was from the State) and the expenditures $64,029.17.  The amount paid for teachers’ salaries was $27,420.50.
                South Chester expended $8,143.50 for the salaries, or a total of $24,037.86 for the expense of maintaining the district.  The State appropriation was $1,268.28 and the receipts from other sources, $23,863.98.  The enrollment is 482 boys and 465 girls, with an average attendance of 82 per cent.   
      The cost per scholar per month in Chester is 96 cents, and in South Chester $1.17 per pupil.  The tax in Chester is 5 mills and in South Chester 7 mills.
Todmorden School District Changes Its Name.
Teachers Appointed at Radnor, Ridley Falls and Ridley Park.
                The following are the teachers of the Radnor Township schools for this year: Anna Sensenig, No. 1 school; S. Ella Stern, No. 2 school; George H. Wilson, Principal Wayne Grammar School’ Roberta S. Clark, B. Grammar; Ella P. Gilbert, Intermediate; Lucy Macfarlane, Secondary; Anna M. Eisenberger, Primary; Barbara Davis, Radnor Station school; Mevine S. Mayer, Principal Garrett Hill Grammar school; Elizabeth M. Faulk, Intermediate; Mary S. Hall, Secondary; Mary E. Murtagh, Primary; Anna M. Harshberger, Lewis’ Mills school.
                They all taught in the district last year, except Miss Sensenig, who taught two years very successfully in Lancaster County, and last June graduated from the West Chester Normal School.  She takes the place of Miss Margaret A. Harbaugh, who very successfully taught the school about ten years, but who declined a re-election this year in order to secure a position a little nearer her home.
                The term in Radnor is nine and one half months at $50 per month.  The principal of the Wayne schools receives $105.26 per month, and the one at Garrett Hill $40 per month.                Todmorden independent school district changed its name to Ridley Falls during the last year and the directors have employed Miss Bertha E. Hannum to teach their school at $30 per month for a term of nine months.  Miss Hannum taught here last year also.
                The directors of Ridley Park have elected the following teachers for the ensuing school term:  Edwin Brown, principal, at a salary of $75 per month; Miss Anna R. Lilly, grammar school; Miss Martha D. Conley, secondary school, and Miss Emma E. Stamy, primary school.    After the principal each teacher receives $55 per month.  The teaching force is the same as last year except in the case of Miss Lilly, who comes well recommended and as a graduate of the West Chester Normal School, class of 1893.  The schools are kept open ten months.

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