Sunday, September 18, 2016

Athletic Club plus Country Club = Golf Course?? Flax day coming at Colonial Plantation and Delco history tour!!


The entrance to the "Orchards" the former Lazaretto in Essington, the summer home of the Philadelphia Athletic Club about 1908.

Note About 1900 the Philadelphia Athletic Club took over the former Lazaretto Quarantine Station
 in Essington as their summer home. In 1911 they merged with the Delaware County Country Club to form the Manoa Golf Club


 Athletic Club of Philadelphia Will Unite with County Country Club and Abandon Quarters at Essington

            The Delaware County Country Club will be taken into consolidation with the Athletic Club of Philadelphia for the purpose of securing a country home and golf course, and at the same time increasing its membership.
            The Delaware County Country Club has a membership of about 175, about 125 acres of rolling land at Manoa, on which is an old farm house, now used as a locker house.  The Athletic Club of Philadelphia has a fine club house at 17th and Arch Streets and a membership of about 400.
            Under the terms of the proposed amalgamation the name “Athletic Club of Philadelphia” will be retained and the dues placed at $50 a year, giving members all the privileges of both town and country clubs.  The membership under these arrangements is to be restricted to 500, so only about 225 new members will be needed, providing all the Delaware County Club members stick when the amalgamation takes place.
            The Board of Directors of the athletic club formally sanctioned the amalgamation last evening and as the Country club officials have also approved, it will require only a joint meeting of the two committees to complete the arrangements.  By May 1 it is expected the athletic club members may be playing golf over the Manoa links.
            Under these arrangements the athletic club will drop the Orchard, the Essington summer home of the organization, and make extended improvements in the Delaware County Country home.  When the full membership has been reached the income of the club will be $40,000 a year and the members at a very reasonable figure will have the benefits of a town and country home.

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