Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Media Armory 108 years ago and I'm giving a talk on Thursday!

The Media Armory on State Street right after it was built in 1908. The armory is now Trader Joes.


                The new Armory in the borough of Media, as it will be when completed, the future home of Company H. N. G. P.  This new structure which is in the course of erection, is located at the corner of State and Church Streets, in one of the most prominent points in the borough for a building of this kind.  The good citizens of Media who interested themselves in raising the $5,000 necessary to secure the Stat appropriation for this purpose are being congratulated on all sides.  The building will be a credit to the town when completed, which will be in the near future.  If nothing unforeseen happens the Medial soldier boys should be comfortably ensconced in their new home before the snow falls.
                Major Frank G. Perrin was one of the active spirits in bringing the new armory to the borough, and he is doing all in his power to give to the soldier boys whom he formerly commanded one of the coziest homes in the State.  The Media company has the distinction of having the addition to Major Perrin, Charles Lawton, who is Battalion Sergeant Major.  The officers of the company are:  Captain Walter R. Johns; First Lieutenant, William Westcott; Second Lieutenant, Robert F. Engle.
                The officers and men are hard at work at present to make a good showing at the coming annual encampment.  It will be no fault of Captain Johns if the company does not receive a high rating on inspection.
                An excellent account of the armory is published in a current issue of “Our State Army and Navy.”  The following is the description of the building”
                The structure is being built of local stone, and the purpose of the building is at once expressed by its heavily buttressed walls and low flanking towers.  The walls are surmounted by broken battlements of stone.
                The building when complete will provide ample quarters for the officers and men, with a Drill Hall at the rear, open for the entire height of the structure. This hall will have between walls a clear space of ninety by sixty feet.
                The basement, which will extend under the entire Armory, will provide for ammunition vaults and camp storage for the Company.  Here also will be placed the kitchen, toilet room and heating plant.
           The space under the Drill Hall will at some future date be fitted up for a modern rifle range, with space reserved for bowling alleys, etc.
                Upon entering the building one passes through the Sally Porte directly into the Drill Room.  Opening upon this corridor and adjacent to the Drill Room, is the locker room, which will provide lockers and accommodations for sixty men.  The lockers installed here will be of pressed steel pattern with arrangement for ventilating.
                At the front of the building on the right, will be placed the officers’ quarters, while o the left-hand side will be the company library or reading room.
                On the second floor will be located the quarters for the quartermaster and first and second sergeant.  Next to these and extending across nearly the entire front of the building will be placed the Company Room.
                At the end of the Drill Hall at the second floor level will extend a spectator’s balcony running the full width of the Drill Hall.  As this will be directly hung from the trusses above, no inconvenience at the drill floor level will result from supports underneath.
                The building will be finished with all modern improvements and will be heated with steam and lighted with electricity and gas.
                The interior finish will be of hard wood.


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