Sunday, March 20, 2016

Summer Camp 120 years ago and Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday!!

Religious summer camps were the rage 120 years ago read below and see if you and your kids would like to go

Summer Religious Camp

TWIN OAKS CAMP – Open Air Worship by the Holiness Christians – Religion IN the Grove – Rev. Jonas Trumbauer and His Followers Tenting on the Old Camp Ground – The Opening Ceremonies Were Conducted Last Night
            The annual camp meeting under the auspices of the Holiness Christian Association commenced last evening at Thorpe’s Woods, Twin Oaks, and will close on Sunday evening, July 5th.
            The opening ceremonies commenced at 8 p.m. led by Presiding Elder Rev. Jonas Trumbauer, who delivered a very earnest talk, and spoke of the great expectations for a more glorious time than ever before experienced.  Several other of the brethren then followed in short and earnest addresses, after which a consecration meeting was held.  God’s blessing being invoked on the camp, and all the brethren and sisters were exhorted to duty and to diligence.
            This morning the usual six o’clock prayer meeting was held, and there was “A shout of a King in the camp.”  There will only be one other meeting held today, and that will be at 2 p.m., in order that all may have a chance to get moved and settled in their tents.
            The hours of service, daily, will be as follows:  6, 9, and 10:30 a.m.; and 2, 3, 7, and 8 p.m.   All the services will be held under the large tabernacle.
Baptisms will take place daily from 6 to 7 p.m., in the creek near the grove.
            There are forty-one tents, arranged as usual in a semi-circle, and they are well occupied, there being many familiar faces, and a number of new ones.
            The large dining tent, in charge of Rev. James Redgraves, is splendidly equipped, and will comfortably seat about 80 people.  Mrs. Josephine Keifer, of Conshohocken, is the head cook, and her ability in the culinary art is well known so that she needs no further recommendation.  Miss Ida McCullough of Chester is manager of the tables, and she will be assisted by a corps of competent waiters.
            The prices for board are:  $4 per week; 75 cents per day; dinner, 35 cents; breakfast or supper, 25 cents.
            The B. and O. Railroad Company will sell return tickets good for the entire season, and has also kindly consented to convey camp equipage free of charge.
            The woods are in splendid order, and the favorite well of water is also in good shape.
            The Chester Times, as usual will be served on the grounds, and will contain daily accounts of the proceedings.
            Among the preachers are expected:  Rev. C. W. Ruth of Indianapolis; Rev. E. L. Hyde of Conshohocken; Rev. C. C. Brown of New Carlisle, Ohio; and, Rev. George W. Powell pastor of the M. E. Church at Gloucester City.

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