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The White House Reunion

The Brooke Hall Seminary was opened in 1856 by H. Jones Brooke and was considered in it's day a top school for ladies to attend. The Seminary stood at Franklin and Lemon Streets in Media. .One of the early attendees was Ida Saxton of Canton, Ohio. Saxton[1847-1907] would later marry William McKinley who would become the 25th President of the United States.

April 18, 1898 – CHESTER TIMES

 Brooke Hall Graduates Received at the White House
 County Ladies Present

            The former schoolmates and the members of the Brooke Hall Alumnae were royally entertained on Saturday by Mrs. William McKinley at the White House at Washington, D.C.  Mrs. McKinley has always retained the warmest recollection of her school days in Media, and her appreciation on Saturday was shown beyond the most sanguine expectations of those present.  The marine orchestra stationed in the conservatory, plated throughout the reception, which lasted from 2 until 4 o’clock.  The guests were received in the East Room by the first lady of the land.  She was becomingly gowned in a lavender silk.  A buffet luncheon was served, owing to the large number present.  The table was adorned with masses of pink tulips.

            At the close of the reception, Mrs. Richard Peters, Jr., the president, presented Mrs. McKinley on behalf of the society, with a Brooke half pin, studded with diamonds.  Miss Hattie Gault, of Media, Mrs. McKinley’s former teacher, who is a candidate for post mistress of Media, will remain as a guest at the White House for several days.

            Mrs. John McLean, a daughter of the late General Beale, and a former resident of this city, also gave a tea in honor of the Brooke Hall visitors.

            Among those present from Media, Chester and vicinity were:  Mrs. Louise Deshong Woodbridge, Mrs. Sara Wright Worth, Mrs. Virginia Weaver Miller, Miss Mabel Wood Reynolds, Miss Mary Loeffler, Miss Mabel Caughan Fase, Miss Esther Williamson, Mrs. Emma Thompson Risley, Miss Helen Irma Riley, Miss Laura Linday, Miss Ella Williamson, Miss Mary B. Shaw, Miss Hannah Shaw, Mrs. Annie Callahan Eachus, Miss Beatrice Tyson, Miss Helen Weaver, Miss Nina Cooper, Mrs. Helen Tyson Challenger, Mrs. Marlon Matthews McAllister, Miss Sallie Williamson, Mrs. Grace Worth Stackhouse, Miss Mary Mercur, Mrs. Mary Rogers Barton, Mrs. Emily Rhodes Griscom.
Note. Mrs. McKinley had made a pair of slippers for Hattie Gault  who she considered her best teacher.
The cup below was given to Miss Maria L. Eastman the principal by her students in 1860


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