Friday, November 14, 2014

Getting Ready for Winter, Unknown Picture, AND How old is OLD?

Can any one help? I can not seem to find the location of this old Post office. It stood in Upper Providence somewhere and is long gone. Thank You!!

November 15 and 16-

"Getting Ready for Winter"

Farm and House Tours, Bake Oven (Saturday), Colonial Money (Saturday),

Long Rifle Demonstration, and Blacksmith (Sunday).
How Old is Old?
  How old something is can get very complicated and everybody looks at things different. I chuckled when I saw a sign that said, "Founded 1934" on a local sign. Yes the building opened in 1934, BUT it was organized, planned, elected directors all in 1933, so was it founded in 1933 or 1934? Myself, I always say when the first meeting was held is one the organization started. Churches are the worst. My church according to the official history was founded in June 1879, but that was two years after the first meetings were held. The June 1879 date is when the church building was opened and dedicated. Some churches go by first meeting, others by cornerstone laying, and still others by dedication. Even first meetings can be hard to come by. A local church first meetings were held in March of 1884, they had the first minute book to prove it. But the local newspaper stated meetings were held some 6 months before in local homes. No one took any notes. Fire companies sometimes do the same thing. Many companies go by when they were chartered by the state and county as when they first started. One local company had their building and fire trucks and were going to calls before they finally got around to getting their charter. But they still go by that charter date! So how old is your organization? 

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