Monday, October 6, 2014

OcTrolley fest is almost here! and come to my talk on Wednesday

Any readers go to this school?
OcTrolley Fest this weekend!!
What do Darby. Media, Norristown, Yeadon, University City, Center City, Upper Darby, the Delaware River Waterfront, The Philadelphia Zoo, Bartram's Garden, the Grange Estate, and a myriad of other historic sites have in common?
They are all accessible over an existing light-rail network!
Come help us celebrate our remarkable system
OcTrolleyFest 2014 -10th Anniversary Edition
Celebrating Transportation, Heritage, and Community since 2005
Dedicated this year to John Drew, Darby's own transportation pioneer
The cost is a SEPTA One-Day Convenience Pass (8 rides for $8)
Saturday, October 11
9:30 am ....Meet at Darby Transportation to 69th St by trolley and El
10:30 am.... Gather at 69th Street for "Bubble Wrap Trolley Stomp,"
Music, Information, Time Line, Trolley Songs, etc

11:00 am .... morning tours from 69th Street
(Collingdale, Smedley Park, Swedish Cabin, etc)

(Lunch...A la cart...literally)
1:30 pm .... afternoon tours from 69th Street
(Bartram's Garden, Woodlands, Philadelphia Zoo, etc.)

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