Thursday, February 13, 2014

Delaware County Place Names Part 3

The Linwood Train Station on the Penna. Railroad c.1895
Linwood is simply named for the Wood Family actually local businessman L. N. Wood. You figure it out. Many names in the late 19th century just appeared. Some examples, Folcroft in the early 1880's some people say it means "leafy fields" but no one knows for sure. Primos and Manoa are two other names that no one seems to know where they came from. Some are really weird like "Coreze" was a small town in the north west part of Haverford Twp. had it's on post office from 1881 to 1895, but it's meaning has long since disappeared. Some names and for that matter post offices last only a brief time "Gwendolin" was the old name for today's Colwyn had its own post office which lasted from October 19 to November 10th, 1891. Then the town became "Thatcherville" named for the Thatcher family who ran the mill close by. Colwyn? I have no idea where that name came from. Who can forget "Tanguy" I still hear old timers use that name, mostly from Chester County. It is the area of Rt. 926 and Rt. 452. No town or cross roads just the general area. Another name whose meaning has been forgotten. Book names were popular in the late 19th century Rutledge was named for a book," Rutledge the story of an actor" by Margaret Coles Harrison. Yes I know what the sign says, but it is not named for Ann Rutledge, early sweetheart of Abe Lincoln. Norwood was named for another best seller, " Norwood or village life in New England" by Henry Ward Beecher.
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