Friday, December 13, 2013

What PRICE local history?

The Leiper Covered Bridge stood where the Blue Route crosses Sproul Rd aka Rt. 320 on Crum Creek. Some ruins can still be seen today. The bridge was torn down in April of 1947.

  As anyone involved in local history will tell you, money is tight! All the local historical societies and historic homes get by year to year, some better than others. Figuring out the right price to charge and attract people to your site is the hard part, which why I was sooo surprised a few days ago. A privately owned historic home in the county is having an open house soon as so many historic homes are doing right now. The price was over $25.00 dollars for one adult and child. HUH? There is going to be some food of course, items for sale and Santa telling some stories, but that much? I don't think so. Historic sites in the county have to charge of course, but lets be FAIR
  Which brings me to the Thomas Leiper Home in Nether Providence. They are having their open house this Sunday from one till six. The price, a DONATION! Angela Hewitt who runs the place and is president of the Nether Providence Historical Society knows how to do it right. There will be some lite faire and the place will be decorated to the nines! It is worth the trip, the house is on the National Register like Independence Hall and the Leiper Family with the quarries and second railroad have lots of history that Angela and her staff will tell you about. Some come and make a donation! I will be there after the Eagles game, it is worth the trip. Plus you can save some money and help a great place
The Thomas Leiper House
A Colonial Christmas
Open house
Sun. Dec. 15
1 to 6 p.m.
521 Avondale Rd., Wallingford
Free admission
donations appreciated

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  1. I've got to get over there soon. I am embarrassed to say living here all my life I have not been to the Leiper House.