Monday, November 18, 2013

End of a great Year

The house on the left is my home, 718 Braxton Road in Leedom Estates. This was taken in August of 1941 when my parents were the third family to move in. You are looking south toward Stockton Circle, which was not there then.

    Lots has happened in local history this year and there seems to be a lot more interest then there has been in recent years. From September being Delaware County History Month, to the creation of the Delaware County Historical Preservation Network which holds seminars etc. for local groups. Next year will be the 225th anniversary of this county formed from Chester County in September of 1789. Plans are already under way for a great month with lots of events. There are a few more things coming up in early December to finish out the year. But it is a great time to be interested in Delco history with more groups being formed and everything from Face Book, blogs, twitter etc. So come out to a meeting or just take a look, and make a visit to some of the history Delaware County has to offer. AND thanks to all the wonderful people that follow my Blog!

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