Sunday, October 20, 2013

Carousel Carving in Rose Valley and Growing up in Leedom Estates

The entrance to the Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley about 1946Add caption
                                                                  Historical Society        

                                                               8:00 pm Old Mill
Mr. Thomas Rebbie, President, Philadelphia Toboggan Company, provides the history of carousel carving. David Lightfoot, a cousin of the Price and Walton families and carver of the Rose Valley Bears in 1903, worked at the PTC carving carousel animals. Cost: $12.00 ($10.00 members)
January/February 2014 – Second Annual Winter Members Only Cocktail Party – date to be announced.
 Bruce Currie who I have known since FOREVER, has started a "Growing up in Leedom Estes" page on Facebook! Lots of pictures and memories if you are from Leedom check it out!
 AND I get my HIP Award for this website from the Historical Society of Penna. this week

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