Sunday, July 7, 2013

Delaware County History Month and Pirate Day at Colonial Plantation!

The courthouse in Media about 1947. The original courthouse from the 1850's was only as wide as the six columns you see in the center.

  Delaware County was founded in September of 1789, when it separated from Chester County. Delaware County is the smallest in the state of Pennsylvania. Delaware County Council will soon declare this September as Delaware County History Month. There will be many events over the entire month, with September 29th being the finale. There will be a ride for history, both cars and motorcycles and a whole afternoon of events at Rose Tree Park. There will be an authentic Indian Pow Wow performed, colonial reenactors , car show etc. There will be much more in this blog about he events and in local newspapers etc. Please watch for more information and plan to come!!

Bring your swimsuit and old shoes because wet is the theme for this special day at the Plantation! Pirates will attack the farm house. Youngsters will be encouraged to run the maze and the gauntlet while being sprayed with water. There will be foot races, face painting, rubber ducky races in the creek and a water balloon toss. Use your feet to wash clothes and bob for apples with your toes. Throw a wet sponge at a captured pirate. The day starts at 12 and the pirates will invade at 12:30. They will control the farm (and help with the games) until they are repulsed by the local militia at 3:45. Bring the family and enjoy old fashion fun that has nothing to do with technology just nature, water, and your imagination.
12:00 - Maze (grab the coins and avoid the water)
12:30 -Rubber Ducky Races
1:00 - Run the Gaunlet
1:30 - Tug of War
2:00 - Maze (grab the coins and avoid the water)
2:30 -Rubber Ducky Races
3:00 - Run the Gaunlet
3:30 - Tug of War
On going - CandleMaking, Water Pistol Fight, Paper Making, Bobbing for Apples with your Feet, Plunger Races, Coloring, Water Balloon Toss and more!
(schedule subject to change)

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