Thursday, July 25, 2013

40th Anniversary at the Colonial Plantation! Special Concert

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The Plantation is 40 years old and we invite you to join the party. We will start the day with a colonial muster. In the 18th century,, a muster was the gathering of local farmers to drill, work and talk about politics. The women will be working the loom, spinning and processing flax. The men will be working with wood and working in the fields. Tea will be served in the parlor and hearth cooking will take place in the kitchen. You are welcome to picnic throughout the day as well as join us for a free ice cream cup. Hot dogs, corn on the cobb and other goodies will be for sale. Finish the night by listening to the music of the John Byrne Band.

The John Byrne Band specializes in Irish and American folksongs as well as sea shanties. The band is led by former Patrick's Head front man and Dublin native John Byrne. His first solo effort, After the Wake, was released to great critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic in 2010. With influences ranging from The Chieftains to Planxty to Bob Dylan, songwriting honors and expands upon the musical and lyrical traditions of his native and adopted homes.

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