Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colonial Plantation Winners

The Shady Grove Bridge in Edgmont on Delchester Rd. about 1920. I will soon be adding a new section on Delaware County covered bridges.
The Delco Times Newspaper was nice enough to give me a full page in Tuesdays paper about my history work and website. I have had a lot of new visitors to my sight, if you have never been there take a look, it's worth the time.
Colonial Plantation

Congrats to our Winners!

The contest for naming our 3rd born lamb of 2013 has officially ended and we have a winner...  

Congrats to Laura Hopper for being chosen for the name Cardigan!
And SURPRISE - We also have a second winner!  Our (now) newest lamb, pictured below, was born on May 30th to Lilly (Mom) and Ludicris (Dad) and so we picked a second name for this little lady. 
Congrats to Jessica Doty Figliolini for being chosen for the name Marble!

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