Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aston and Springfield Talks Coming up!

                                      Welcome to Tinicum Township 100 years ago!!

                                                           The public is invited to
March is Women's History Month and we are honoring 2 local women who have made history in helping women with breast cancer. Kristin Dudley, a graduate of Sun Valley High School and Drexel University, has created fashion friendly compression sleeves to relieve lymph-edema. Lymph-endema is a serious side affect of breast cancer surgery. This has led Kristin to start a business called LympaDIVA. Also speaking is local businesswoman (co-owner of IceWorks), Olympic Figure Skating Coach and motivational speaker, Uschi Keszler. Uschi's own bouts with cancer led her to found Pennies In Action. It is a charitable organization that raises money to fund the cancer vaccine trials that is a cure. The vaccine is in the 2nd trial and is hugely successful.
Please join us in as these women take us on their fascinating, exciting and timely journey.
Also September, 2013 marks the 20TH anniversary of the formation of Aston Township Historical Society. Special displays and speaking engagements will occur throughout this special year. Volunteer opportunities are available to all who want to help make this anniversary special! The quarterly meeting and talk are free and open to the public. Membership and volunteer opportunities are available. Donations of pictures and artifacts are welcomed or can be scanned for posterity.

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